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HomeNewsBitcoffeen - a chain of coffee houses on the blockchain with a yield of up to 0.15% per day

Bitcoffeen - a chain of coffee houses on the blockchain with a yield of up to 0.15% per day

Good day! They added a very unusual project to the blog, which we liked and seems very promising. Bitcoffeen (official website) - a chain of coffee houses on the blockchain, which has its own token and offers to earn not only franchise businessmen, but also investors through the purchase of digital coins.

  • Official start: the first cafe opened 01.11.2019 (site in operation for about 8 months)
  • Rates in Bitcoffeen: from 0.02% to 0.15% per day
  • Terms of investment: from 1 to 120 days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.1 $
  • Payment systems: Payeer, Visa / Mastercard
  • our deposit: 500$
  • Refbek from blog: not provided

Company bitcoffeen - This is not just a network of coffee sales outlets, but also a large-scale blockchain project with its own tokens, which shares the profit from its business with everyone. The concept of the Bitcoffeen project is that blockchain technologies are integrated into the work of the coffee chain that allow creating an entire ecosystem to reward its participants, and there are several ways to earn money.

Everyone can franchise open a coffee shop in their city, on the project website you can find out that large-scale international development of this business is planned. At the moment, the project organizers have opened a coffee shop in Moscow, there is also an institution in New Zealand. In the near future it is planned to open in Omsk and Krasnodar.

Ecosystem participants will be rewarded in the internal BFF token, which will soon be presented on the 10 of the most popular crypto exchanges (the exchange is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the 2020 year). It is known that its minimum price is fixed and cannot fall below 1 $ for 1 BFF, while a token can rise in its course - in the future this will also be one of the ways to earn money. The increase in the price of the token will contribute to the fact that the issue of coins will not be uncontrolled: coins are issued only at the time of scanning the QR code when selling each cup of coffee. With such a scan, the reward (royalties) is received not only by Bitcoffeen, but also by all participants of the ecosystem who are holders of coins.

You can work with Bitcoffeen after registering on the site, and for storing coins you need to download an ethereum wallet for a PC or smartphone. If you have not used such a wallet before, you can download it directly from the main page of the project, and for greater convenience working with Bitcoffeen has its own application for Android and iOS. The peculiarity of the application is that the user can not only control the balance of BFF tokens, but also view the map of the location of coffee houses and even scan QR codes.

Marketing at Bitcoffeen

Anyone can become an investor in the project, for this you need to buy BFF tokens, which will be profitable. The system has several tariffs, the profitability of which depends on the amount of BFF you purchased. Recall that the token rate cannot fall below 1 $, but it is expected to continue to grow and enter the exchange - this may be an additional opportunity for earnings.


  • Percentage yield: 0.02% per day
  • Terms of investment: 1 day
  • Number of tokens: 0.1 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 0.02%


  • Percentage yield: 0.09% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 100 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 10.8%


  • Percentage yield: 0.1% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 300 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 12%

4. TO GO

  • Percentage yield: 0.11% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 500 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 13.2%

5. HoReca

  • Percentage yield: 0.13% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 1000 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 15.6%

6. Retail

  • Percentage yield: 0.15% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 3000 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 18%

7. VIP

  • Percentage yield: 0.15% per day
  • Terms of investment: 120 days
  • Number of tokens: 10000 BFF
  • Net yield for the period: 18%

Marketing features:
  • The Bitcoffeen token at the time of writing the review is quoted at 1 BFF = 1.02 $.
  • When buying tokens, a commission of 0,05% is charged.
  • To buy tokens, you can use the Payeer payment system and Visa / Mastercard.
  • When withdrawing funds, a fee of 3% of the amount is charged.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 $.

How to register on and make a deposit?

1. The project’s site is presented only in English, but our instructions will allow you to understand its pages without any difficulties (the administration of the resource promises an early addition of the Russian-language version). On the main fund select "Bff online".

2. You will be presented with a login form, to create a new account, click on the link “Sign up".

3. In the form provided, specify the name, email address, double-reset the password. Below we press the button "Sign up". After that, a confirmation letter will come to the indicated mail address, in it click the link “Confirm registration".

4. After authorization on the site, you can proceed to the purchase of tokens, for this, use the "Buy BFF". On the page that opens, specify the amount and click the "Buy". This is followed by payment through a payment system.

5. It is much more convenient to invest in the project through a mobile application in which you need to register or log in (if you already have an account in Bitcoffeen). In the main section of the application, the “Deposit"To buy tokens and"Withdraw»To send funds to your wallet.

6. When withdrawing, you need to specify the wallet address, payment, amount and password. Next, drag the slider and confirm the operation via mail.

Bitcoffeen: reviews and my opinion

Bitcoffeen is a very unusual project, combining a network of coffee houses and a blockchain. This is not a traditional hype, with which we are used to working, because everyone who wishes can personally visit the institutions of the network and make sure of their reality. The essence of the project is that you can make money with it in several ways: open a cafe franchise, make a profit from investing in BFF tokens, and in the future it will be possible to trade coins on the exchange and earn on the course! We really liked the concept of the project, because there were no such funds in our portfolio yet and it may have good prospects.

Bitcoffeen's specialty is not only that it real business, which will be actively developed around the world, but also in the fact that blockchain technology is used at the heart of the loyalty system. This will attract attention to the site not only among ordinary coffee connoisseurs and hype investors, but will also attract a large crypto audience. We join cooperation with the project before everyone will pay attention to it, buy 500 BFF and receive 0.11% per day for 120 days.

Official Bitcoffeen Website

For successful earning on highly profitable projects I advise you to carefully study this instruction.

Risk reminder

Any investments carry risks and the investor should always take this into account, and as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the yield and the greater the percentage that the project offers, the higher the probability of losing money. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because profitability offers serious, so I recommend to follow certain rules:

  • Remember to diversify and do not invest all the money in one investment tool. It is wiser to distribute the available funds among several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • By investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a large role for you.
  • Withdraw the profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions that the project offers! Take the decision on reinvestment without emotion, after weighing all the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to receive less profit than to lose a deposit.

I advise you to read the article on this topic: What is risk diversification or how to protect your money from scams?

Our deposit:

Here you can view InvestorsStartPage deposit dynamics.

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