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What is Hackback Refback and why do you need it?

You do not need to be an experienced investor to know that in any project you can earn much more than its marketing implies. If you register via a reflink of a blog or monitor, then you will receive a so-called refund. What is a hype back pack and why is it needed?read further in article.

Affiliate program in HYIP

One of the main engines of development any HYIP project - him referral (affiliate) program . Thanks to her, the admin can attract as many investors as possible to his project through word of mouth - some investors advise the project to others and receive rewards for it. When registering in the project, each participant receives a unique reflink, which will allow you to invite new users into the HYIP, which will be assigned to referrals of a particular partner.


Each project has its own partnership conditions, and the referral system can assume several levels of structure at once, for which attraction there will also be a bonus. For example, a one-level affiliate program - 5% of the referral's contribution, while a multi-level 5-3-2%. This means that, attracting partners, you will receive a reward not only for direct invitees (5%), but also for referrals of the second level and the third (3% and 2%) - that is, for those who are not invited, but your referrals . The indicated signs are not a dogma, each admin installs a different affiliate program and the amount of remuneration can vary greatly - from 1% to 20%. Maybe someone puts more, but it is no longer advisable, and in my memory such affiliate programs have long been gone.

In order to encourage investors to register in the project on their reflink, simple investors, blogs and monitoring pay refbek, which will be discussed further.

What is refback in HYIP?

Refback or refund is the payment of a bonus to a referral from an upline (inviter) for making a deposit in a project. Refineback in HYIPs is a certain percentage of the received referral reward. That is, the admin of the project pays 5% of the sum of the contribution of the invitee, and from this amount, for example, half, the referrer returns to his referral.

It should not be confused, if it is stated that the refback in HYIPs is 50%, this does not mean that you will be paid half of your deposit. This suggests that you will receive half of the partnership reward.


Why do I need refback in HYIP?

Refbek is equally useful for investors and for a blogger, so registration in the affiliate structure is mutually beneficial. Everyone wants to get more from his deposit and the refback in HYIPs helps a lot with this, as well as helps increase the flow of investors from a particular blog. At the same time, there are projects that pay refbek for each reinvest, and if the circles are short (for example, one-day), then you can earn an order of magnitude more than prescribed by marketing.

How to get a refback?

So, by registering with the referral link of my blog, you can apply for a refback in the HYIPs that are represented in my investment portfolio. To do this, it is enough to submit an application in the appropriate section and indicate the necessary information about your deposit. During the 48 hours, if you fill in everything correctly, this referral bonus will be paid to you.

Please note that in 99% of cases a refback in HYIPs is paid for reinvestment, so be sure to read this first and do not miss the possible profit. In some programs, avtorafbek is supposed to be at all - it is not necessary to order it, as soon as the deposit is created, the bonus will be automatically transferred to your account.


The reasons for which the refack in the HYIP may not be paid:

  • You filled in the application incorrectly - if not all the data are indicated and your deposit cannot be found, then most likely you will be left without a bonus. Pay great attention to filling out the application so that annoying mistakes do not lead to the loss of additional profits.
  • The application deadline has passed - an application for a refback in the HYIP has its expiration date, if you submit it later than required, the payment will, unfortunately, be refused.
  • The project went to the scam - if the HYIP stopped paying before paying the affiliate of your deposit, the application will not be satisfied.
  • Registration took place on someone else's link - I only pay refbek my partners, if you used someone else's reflink, then refback should be ordered directly from your upline.

Important: Some projects pay a percentage of remuneration not for creating a deposit by a referral, but from its profit. In this case, often, the refbek will be symbolic or will be paid after the investment period has passed - no one will pay a few cents daily to the partner’s account.

I hope that this article not only told you what the refback in HYIPs is, but also helps in getting it. Be sure to use this right to a bonus, because very often the projects provide insurance against losses that compensate for losses in the event of a scam, and those who ordered refbek can apply for them. Successes to you in investments, be always in profit, and let only worthy projects fill your portfolio.

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