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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Newcomers to investments and even experienced investors sometimes have many questions that I would like to quickly get an answer. In this section I collected the most asked questions and answered them (the section is updated and supplemented as time progresses), I hope you will find all the necessary information for yourself.

What is online investing?To uncover

Online investing assumes a stable passive income from investing in projects implemented by companies around the world. The types of their activities are diverse - from stock markets to investments in the agricultural sector or tourism. What investment online possible and what are the secrets. There are Russian online investment services. Their activities are regulated at the legislative level.

You can invest money:

  • in the Forex market;
  • trading accounts;
  • metal market;
  • microcredit;
  • binary options;
  • startups;
  • HYIPs (“financial pyramids”);
  • trust management and much more.

In addition to the various areas in which investor money is invested, certain companies differ in terms of:

  • the minimum amount of investment;
  • income - from 2%, some companies offer up to 600% profit;
  • term of investment, interest accrual conditions;
  • method and term of withdrawal of funds;
  • the availability and conditions of affiliate programs.

The main criterion for choosing a company for online investments is its reliability. One-day firms usually offer very favorable conditions, but often do not fulfill their obligations. Companies operating in this area for a long time are usually more kept in promises, but they guarantee payments on time.

How much can you earn on investments in the Internet?To uncover

The Internet offers many ways of passive income, one of which is online investing. Investing in various projects, playing on the stock exchange, providing money at interest - these and other options for increasing money are used by people all over the world. But how much can you earn by investing in the Internet? We will understand together.

The two main factors affect the size of passive income in the global network - the size of the investment and the interest that is offered for the use of your money. The more you can invest, the more your income will be.

However, the second factor is also important - what percentage of the amount invested by you returns this or that project in the form of profit. For example, if you invested 1 000 $ at the rate of 4% per month, you will receive 40 $, and if the rate of 20% is 200 $ monthly.

However, it should be remembered that the tempting investment conditions are often associated with risks. The high level of income in this case is associated with the aggressive policy of the company in which the funds are invested - perhaps, it conducts operations related to the possibility of losing the money of the depositors. But these are the conditions of the game. Firms that provide stable passive income in the amount of 2-10% usually invest only in safe projects, and investments in this case have minimal risks.

How long will this or that project work?To uncover

Investing in HYIPs - a very unpredictable area of ​​earnings on investments and, to say for sure, or even approximately how much the project is destined to work with - is simply impossible. Sometimes the admin himself can not know how much he will be able to support the work of the site, because this is influenced by many factors. Predicting and predicting scam is ungrateful and meaningless.

What do you think about a particular project?To uncover

I tell all my thoughts and observations about the projects in reviews, weekly reports, telegram-chat - stay tuned to the blog, subscribe to my channels and you will have the answer to any question.

Why is there no project on the blog?To uncover

There are a lot of projects, they appear like mushrooms after rain, but I’m selecting worthy sites from my list of investments that are interesting to me and will be interesting to my partners.

Advise in which projects it is better to invest money?To uncover

All projects I divide into two categories "Tests"- sites that must be tested for consistency and"Top projects"- those that have already proven their worth. I recommend all the HYIPs from the category of best investment, the test section is designed for experienced investors. If you find it difficult to make a specific choice, then I can offer you a free service - drawing up an investment portfolio.

Which payment system is better to use for the investor?To uncover

The most common EPS is Perfect Money - it is found in almost every project. But I advise you to have wallets in several bills at once.

When registering for a project, I am asked for personal data - am I obligated to provide them?To uncover

It is not necessary at all. You need to register real mail (you can create a separate box just for HYIPs) and a phone - they will receive confirmation codes during registration and sometimes transactions. Regarding the rest of the information about yourself - there is no need to enter passport data, just think up a username, full name, address, and so on.

Is it risky to invest in HYIPs? Are there any guarantees?To uncover

The risk of losing money is very high - if you are afraid of losing money, it is better to refuse the investment. There are no guarantees in high-yield investing - all at your own peril and risk. If you are afraid to invest, but really want to, then at least go into projects with insurance - with any force majeure will be able to recover at least part of the losses.

What is refback from a blog and how to get it?To uncover

By registering in the project on the affiliate link offered by me, you automatically become my partner in this hyip, which means you can get an additional bonus from the blog. The money that I pay as a bonus is part of the partner reward, I share it to increase your profitability in the project. Bonus can be ordered after the investment at this link.

What is insurance?To uncover

Some projects on the blog are protected. This means that in the event of any force majeure from the insurance fund will be allocated money to cover losses. The insurance amount will be divided among all our partners in the project who have lost their money. More information about insurance can be found. link.

What amount should be included in the project?To uncover

The amount of investment is determined by each investor individually. First, each project has its own minimum and maximum investment threshold; secondly, you need to invest free funds that do not make a big loss for you in case of closing the project. Do not try to go all-in and put everything that you have at stake - diversify your investments, read about it in detail here.

Why do I need to unsubscribe about payments from the project, who needs it?To uncover

Leaving comments that the project pays, you help not only investors, the project itself, but also yourself. Thanks to your posts, other participants will see its solvency, HYIP will have an active flow of investors, which means your deposit will successfully work out and bring profit. Besides, leaving a post is a one-minute deal that doesn’t make it difficult for you.

How not to miss a quality project and join it in time?To uncover

To keep abreast of all blog updates, I recommend you subscribe to my channel in TelegramIn which I regularly publish all relevant news. Members of my channel are the first to receive information about adding a project to a blog even before publishing its review.