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Passive income in 2020 - 8 best ideas for passive earnings in the period of quarantine and after it

Passive earnings in 2020 in the aftermath of the coronivirus pandemic and after it

Opportunity passive income looks attractive anytime but at coronavirus pandemic period and forced quarantine, the issue of earning effortlessly becomes particularly relevant. In this article, we decided to present you our TOP ways to get extra profit, which we advise you to pay attention to.

What is passive income? and what are its features.

1. Invest in yourself

  • What else to do in quarantine, if not self-development? If you have long wanted to learn something new for yourself, planned to take courses or learn a foreign language, then perhaps this moment has come. This knowledge and experience will not be in vain, because in the future you will be able to use them to generate income.
  • For example, webmaster courses will help you create your own website and receive passive income from it in the future. And perhaps you have long planned to learn how to program and create your own application? There may be plenty of options.

Important: Now there is an opportunity to get a new profession online or improve your skills. When you possess information and knowledge, you always have a chance to organize stable earnings regardless of the situation in the world.

2. Rental of vehicles

  • If you have a car that you do not use, then it can become your additional source of income. On the Internet you can find many sites that will allow you to quickly and safely take your transport for a short or longer period.

How to make money in Yandex.Taxi?

  • Under quarantine conditions, many establishments reassigned themselves to delivering goods and services to their homes, so you can rent your transport to a restaurant, shop or taxi service.
  • Choosing this method of earning do not forget about car insurance and guarantees from the tenant.
  • If you are planning a whole car rental business, then you will have to formalize your activities officially.
  • It is safer to work not directly with tenants, but through intermediaries that will ensure your safety. As a rule, in this case you will need to pay a commission about 30% from your earnings.

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3. Purchase of securities

As you know, you can earn on stocks in two ways - long-term in the form of dividends or short-term through speculation. The first method is more like passive income and will bring a steady income if you manage to buy shares in a promising company.

Stocks will only be profitable if you take the time to research the market and find a reliable company that is focused on development.

Why do many investors turn their attention to stocks:

  • This is a relatively affordable investment, since the entry threshold is quite small.
  • You can make a purchase online.
  • Shares can be sold at any time and make money.
  • If you can find a promising company at the start, then you can provide yourself with a passive source of income for many years.

4. Transfer money to trust

Today, there are many ways to make your money work, while personally you can not participate in this process. Using the Internet, you can transfer funds to trust and professionals, for a small percentage of the commission, will do all the work for you.

There are really many ways to transfer money to the remote control:

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Attention! Everyone can afford to get a source of passive income through remote control, but you should carefully select a tool for earning. For example, by investing in PAMM you can get good speculative profit, and with a bank deposit you can barely cover inflation with interest.

5. Create an intelligent product

  • In connection with quarantine, many of us have a large amount of free time that can be spent on creativity. No matter what you can, you can share your knowledge or skills with others and make good money on it.
  • Earnings on intellectual products will allow you to earn not one-time, but to make a profit in the long term. To do this, you just need to work hard once and promote your product.

Intelligent products include:

  • Writing a book;
  • Creation of online courses;
  • Application development;
  • Creating a useful service;

6. Invest in a website

The rapid development of the Internet and online economy has contributed to the fact that web developers can make good money, and even passively. True, first you need to create your own resource and make a lot of effort so that it starts to generate income. The investor does not have to go through all these tests, because the site can be bought ready-made and untwisted.

How to create a Landing Page

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Important! On special platforms for the sale of ready-made sites, you can choose a ready-made resource of any subject that already brings a steady income to its owner.

Features of earnings on ready-made sites:

  • Buying a finished site can not be called a completely passive way of earning. You will have to spend some time and efforts on its further development, but again, you can attract specialists to work.
  • As a rule, sites are sold at a price that is 20-24 times more than its monthly yield.
  • You can resell the site at any time and get your money back.

7. Real estate for rent

One of the most common methods to get passive profit is to rent an apartment or non-residential area. This is an old, proven and reliable method of earning, which is actively practiced in the CIS.

IMPORTANT: The success of leasing a property depends on the location of the property. If you own an apartment in a capital or a large city, then the chances of making good money on this are good.

  • To rent an apartment, you must own it, so for such an income you need to have a tidy sum to buy real estate.
  • If you look at the rental of housing in terms of investment, then you will repay the invested funds for years. Therefore, we can consider such a tool of earnings rather low-income.
  • Investing in real estate entails the associated risks. In particular, your earnings may affect the economic crisis.

8. Hype Investments

Many of the methods for obtaining passive income described above require an investor to have specialized knowledge, skills, or large amounts. Compared to them, HYIPs seem to be a more attractive source of income, since you are not required to participate in the earnings process, except for making a deposit and withdrawing profits.

Hype - This is an online project that offers investors high interest rates with a relatively short investment period.

The advantages of hype over traditional sources of passive income are obvious:

  • Does not require large capital, as a rule, participation begins with 10$.
  • The time spent is minimal, since cooperation is carried out through an Internet resource, and all actions are limited to creating a deposit and withdrawing profits.
  • It provides an opportunity to earn high interest, which traditional instruments cannot bring.
  • A wide range of hype programs allows you to choose the best option for any strategy, amount and other parameters.
  • Investments are made anonymously, it is not required to provide documents and confirm your identity.

Attention! The disadvantage of HYIP investing is quite high risks, which are directly proportional to profitability. They can be reduced by diversifying the portfolio, selecting a strategy and thorough analysis, which I talk about in many articles of my blog.

Passive income during quarantine

The peculiarity is that the conception is required to do a good job once in order to reap the fruits of her labor in the future. In quarantine, when many people around the world have a lot of free time, a good opportunity appears to contribute to their future welfare.

Use quarantine in order to establish your earnings, improve yourself and think about the fact that right now you have time to implement plans that you put aside in a long box.

When trying to adjust your income during quarantine, do not forget about the features of this period:

  • It is not worth investing or letting the last savings into business. They will be very useful for you in the context of the economic crisis that will follow the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Do not choose those tools that will require constant cash injections from you.
  • If you prefer investment, then diversify your investments well.

You can learn more about how to make money online from other publications of the blog.

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