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How to determine the best HYIPs - the main features of stable projects

No matter how the creators call and describe their HYIP, this is a real pyramid. Revenues in such projects are provided by attracting new investors and, when the influx of fresh capital dries out, they are safely closed. Any construction of this kind will sooner or later fall apart, and the money of the last investors will dissolve.

Meanwhile, the best HYIP projects manage to bring impressive profits to investors - 8 – 60% per month. But how to find them? You can resort to the recommendations of the authors of thematic resources, but they are likely to simply work out a fee for advertising. Reviews are indicative, but also do not give guarantees. It is necessary to analyze HYIPs independently, using a well-thought-out set of criteria.

How to determine the best HYIPs

Legend and promotion

The creators of the best HYIP projects spare no effort to form an image of a really existing and functioning company around their enterprise. Of course, this is nothing more than a myth. However, its quality also indicates the level of the project as a whole.

Familiarize yourself with the section “About the Company”, paying attention to errors both in the text and frank copy-pastes from other similar resources. The presence of video is a significant plus, but only on condition that it is made really high quality. To create the appearance of legal activity, the best HYIPs, who play the role of forex brokers, place on their sites information about the license and reports. Projects acting under the guise of trading companies post photos of the office, goods, etc.

It is not enough to prepare an excellent legend. It must also be brought to the public - potential investors. A large number of advertising in the project often misleads novices. They believe that the best HYIP projects, the true long-livers who consistently pay, initially invest large sums in promotion. The main argument here is that the money spent on promotion needs to be returned, which means that the creators will keep their creation afloat for a long time.

However, in fact, a quick start with aggressive advertising leads to difficulties in attracting fresh investment. The first wave of investors turns out to be quite powerful, but it is drying up very soon, and finding new customers is already problematic. The result is a rapid collapse of the pyramid.

The best HYIPs, created by professionals with a reserve for long-term stable work, unwind smoothly. The amount of advertising is growing gradually, with a focus on maintaining the flow of new investors.

Speaking of promotion, you also need to mention affiliate programs. Pay attention to the proposed reward. The normal indicator is 8 – 10%. If the remuneration significantly exceeds this level, it is better to refuse to invest in a similar project. Too large fees for partners create an exorbitant burden of payments and can spoil the initially good project.

The best HYIPs that pay a reward for a long time attract investors in several countries. After exhaustion of resources of the domestic market, this path becomes the only opportunity to find fresh capital. It is very important that administrators not only launch a version of the site in a foreign language, but also start an advertising campaign on the sites of the respective country. Otherwise, there is reason to suspect the project owners of fraud.

Also keep in mind that reliable HYIPs master foreign markets gradually. The rule here is the same as in the case of advertising in general. A smooth expansion of presence brings greater results than an active expansion, deployed immediately after the start.

How to identify promising HYIPs

How to analyze project plans?

The best hyips are distinguished by thoughtful rates of return combined with adequate entry amounts. You should not immediately pounce on fasts with huge percentages or be too careful, blindly preferring projects with modest payouts.

Conduct a comprehensive analysis and abandon projects in which you will find:

  1. Clearly non-working plans. The best HYIPs do not have offers with a minimum input amount of $ 10 000.
  2. Excessively high interest. Offers with 20% return on 10 days look very attractive. However, it is obvious that impracticable promises of trust do not deserve.
  3. Yield on plans with a higher entry threshold is lower than for options with smaller amounts.
  4. Combining offers with low, medium and high interest rates. Among the best HYIPs, you will not find those who pay 2% at the same time for 10 days, 102% after a day, and 3% in a month.
  5. Intersection of plans. For example, under the terms of the first plan, amounts within $ 1 – 100 are accepted, and the second, $ 50 – 200.

Minor marketing mistakes are uncritical. They sometimes meet at the best HYIPs, which show themselves as quite stable projects. However, the obvious miscalculations in the simplest mathematical calculations, as well as the presence of frankly inactive plans should be alerted.

The technical side of the issue

Immediately note the presence of Docc-protection and SSL. These are necessary conditions for the stability of the project site, which is extremely important for hyip, as well as ensuring better data transfer security, including username and password. If the resource does not meet this criterion, you can immediately exclude it from the list of options for investment.

Next, look at the script. Administrators tend to save on this cost item. They can be understood - the original script is worth a lot of money. However, its presence can serve as additional evidence of the stability of the HYIP. If administrators use a standard script, it must be licensed. You can check for a license on the website of the company that distributes them.

The best HYIP projects do not allow themselves to communicate with potential investors through a web page created unprofessionally. The site should be comfortable, with a clear simple interface and menu, nothing superfluous, but each button is in place and working. The best hyip-projects all pages are full, loaded normally, there is no excessive animation, which overloads the resource and leads to constant hangs.

Check all contacts on the site and technical support functionality. You should quickly give a detailed answer to any question about the project. Slow technical support, operators who are obviously not familiar with the subject of the conversation, and even more so the complete lack of response to a potential client's request - all this is an excuse to abandon the enterprise in question and continue the search for a better hyip.

Do not lose sight of such details as the presence of a verified wallet. Of course, you can buy it. However, novice administrators often forget about such nuances. Having made one typical novice mistake, they will surely make another one. Probably, such an administrator will get a really good HYIP sometime, but it’s better that you don’t become a guinea pig, but look for other new projects.

Analysis based on the proposed criteria should be carried out in a complex, gradually cutting off proposals that clearly do not deserve attention.