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How to make money in the HYIP industry

HYIP earningsHello regular subscribers and newbies of my, I hope, interesting and informative resource!

Today's material is not an attempt to acquaint the reader with some of the nuances of hyip-space, but a real benefit, how to earn money in the HYIP industry with the help of highly profitable investment funds. I always try, whenever possible, to maintain two-way communication with my investors, which has made it possible to accumulate not only my own practical experience in choosing strategies for investing in hyper-competitive hyip projects. The volume of real data, as they say, obtained experimentally, is enough for an encyclopedic volume, and maybe not just one. But still, friends, let's start in order - with financial running in the right direction and, most importantly, at the right distance.

Losses are not the main thing, the main thing is distance!

A common feature of all novice investors in HYIPs is an excessive emotional response to individual losses. An even greater frustration brings the loss of all the capital invested in a single project, which suddenly "suddenly" went to the scam. Investors also have to face the “scam” phenomenon, where losses are multiplying due to the simultaneous elimination of several HYIPs. By actively investing in the hyip-industry, it is almost impossible to avoid losses, but you can minimize them by using the right risk management strategy.

Notion of distance

Successful exchange and card players everywhere use the term “distance” in the context of determining the nature of the strategy to achieve the final result. So what is the distance and why is it for investors in HYIP projects?

It is already clear that the distance is an important element of the investment game, determining how long you will participate in the funds and what final profit you are counting on. For example, setting up a year to get 750 dollars, you need to calculate sufficient daily earnings in 2 dollars, and allowable losses - 0,2 dollars.

Thus, the weekly distance will be determined by a pair of financial numbers 14 dollars of profit and 1,4 dollar losses, monthly - 60-61 dollar and 6-6,1 dollar, respectively. If from month to month this trend continues, the planned result will be achieved even if there are several scams. And all because in the calculations already present the maximum risks of inevitable losses. Now they are only an unpleasant background of investment activity, but do not interfere with moving towards the goal set and do not force you to make rash actions.

Investing HYIPs is not a haircut of instant profits. This is a marathon run in the right rhythm, so as not to fizzle out before the finish. We all need to understand that the fivefold increase in 100 dollars per year in a single project is almost fiction, and the admins who promise this miracle have definitely grown on the work of Lukyanenko and Azimov. Even the creators of high-risk projects do not know how long their offspring will live. Therefore, the task of each investor is not to attempt to completely level the slightest loss, but to effectively minimize risks and systematically move towards a designated profit.

It’s no secret that all HYIPs without exceptions are a financial pyramid that allows you to earn the following categories of project participants:

  • HYIP owners who are waiting for the right moment to go to the scam along with all the “scrollable” amounts;
  • pioneer investors who managed to go through several investment circles (reinvests);
  • hitraner, initially aimed at a one-time visit with a solid investment without the intention of reinvestment;
  • depositors of the “second wave”, who came to the already popular project and were lucky enough to pass the 1-2 payment circle.

The rest of the participants of the HYIP can get a small profit or stay with their own, but more often they lose the bulk of the money, financing more successful investors. Long-term HYIPs are a rarity. The bulk of investment programs announce their insolvency after one or two rounds of payments.

Your task is to be among the first contributors to the project or to catch luck on the crest of the “second wave”. In the first option there is a significant risk of losing money if the admin decides to pick up the cashier in the midst of the highest popularity of HYIP. But in any case, it is necessary to focus on the long-term distance in stable projects that provide confident and moderate income.

Investment in HYIPs

Scams and losses: how to treat them?

The capacious and concise answer is obvious - in a philosophical way and with a little bit of irony.

In a broader interpretation of the response, it is imperative to mention the inevitability of losses in HYIPs, and that your profit is the loss of other investors. After all, any financial game (HYIP, forex, poker) is a platform where there is a redistribution of investments from less successful and experienced investors to skilled players or just lucky ones. At the same time, the number of newbies is constantly growing and they often get lucky in fighting with each other, which maintains an interest in continuing the game. Otherwise, HYPs would simply not be needed! After all, few people decide to sit down at the gaming table with professionals. And if you are unlucky somewhere due to the fact that an experienced player has played his game, it means that you will be lucky in the future when you are already a mature investor.

From a financial point of view, a part of your losses is a vital factor for the survival of the entire HYIP industry and is intended for:

  • Earnings administrator, who, having made a profit, with high probability will create a new project;
  • profit beginner who will take a new risk, giving the opportunity to earn you already.

Thus, a long investment “race” will always be accompanied by losses. Your goal is not to avoid them, but to skillfully minimize them, sometimes giving an opportunity to earn to others. Only such a strategy with an element of “an unprecedented attraction of generosity” will make it possible in the future to get even more revenue by attracting a significant number of new investors to the project. Without retreating from the chosen path and accepting the inevitability of losses favorably, one can really hope for a planned profit in the long term.

How to keep the distance?

In order to properly go a long distance and successfully invest in HYIP, it is advisable to follow a few simple rules:

  • individual losses - it does not matter and are not the result of rash actions, this is a mandatory component of any system, and they must be taken into account;
  • it is necessary to form a sufficiently capacious investment portfolio in order to cope with drawdowns without serious consequences. The optimal combination can take no more than 1% daily capital loss with 2% potential profit;
  • It is not necessary to determine the receipt of superprofits as a goal and to carry out risky investments at super-profitable rates for super-profitable projects. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the chosen strategy, and the distance will surely bring success;
  • determine the real time, focusing on the size of the initial capital. For a month, it is impossible to turn 100 dollars into a cherished thousand, but this can be done in a year and a half;
  • Having defined a long distance, it is not necessary to reduce the attention to the results of the investment for shorter periods. To understand in which direction you are moving, make a breakdown into weekly, ten-day, monthly plans and compare with real profit;
  • make it a rule that profit is money in a wallet, and losses are losses after a scam. Even if the data of the investment cabinet indicate income, it is not yours until it is taken out of circulation;
  • The decision to reinvest should be supported by your confidence in the near future of the HYIP or relevant insider information. Otherwise, immediately withdraw funds to the wallet;
  • strive to organize a widely diversified portfolio to avoid large one-time losses.

Each investor in HYIP is a self-sufficient participant in the project with his own vision of the rules of the game. The strategy of keeping the distance is not intended to tune you up for yourself, but to organically fit into the chosen path to profit and form resistance to financial “stresses” in you. The use of distance clearly demonstrates the non-critical losses and maintains psychological balance in you in the case of scams.

It is important to remember: momentary losses will be covered by multiple profits if you work out the correct rules for investing and strictly observe them.

How to choose a distance

The standard definition of the length of a course is a year. This period allows you to define goals qualitatively, to divide the distance into smaller segments with their intermediate “sub-goals”. Depending on the intermediate results, you can make a decision about the need to make changes in the strategy, go to another HYIP, withdraw part of the money or, on the contrary, increase the volume of investments. Deposit and withdrawal of funds covers a variety of diverse actions: investing money in new projects, extracting a part of the deposit from the already spent funds, minimizing risks in anticipation of scam, and actively investing in promising “fresh” hyip. Also an important criterion for determining the duration of a distance is the size of the gap between real capital and financial goal. The more you need to earn, the more it will take time.

Profitable investments in HYIP projects

Formation of investment case

The most successful actions in the HYIP are determined by a well-diversified portfolio. Obviously, having the ability to cover the losses from one or two projects with a profit of ten others, you will not notice a special reduction in capital and ensure your financial stability. It is important to fill the case with projects that work on a variety of schemes, since the HYIP industry knows situations where many of the same type of highly profitable funds have disappeared.

The main approaches to creating an investment portfolio can be formulated as follows:

  1. 4-5 projects are few, 15-20 are many, 10-12 are ideal both for obtaining significant profit and convenient management;
  2. It is necessary to increase the number of HYIPs gradually and add only projects to the case, not trying to increase the investment portfolio in any way. You need to start with 3-4 projects and systematically bring their number to the required level;
  3. it is important to diversify a portfolio well. It is permissible to add even low-income HYIPs, the main thing is that they function using ragged schemes, starting with the “classical” pyramids and ending with online lending and MLM games;
  4. you can not understand or do not fully understand the principle of work, marketing and methods of calculating profits in the project - pass by and look for more acceptable options;
  5. It is important to evenly distribute capital between the HYIPs, avoiding over-investment in some and the “hungry ration” for others. If the case consists of 10-12 projects, everyone should get 8-10% working capital;
  6. It is necessary to try to look for projects with different types of currencies, working with several payment systems. This will provide enough freedom for financial maneuver if the wallet is blocked or limits are raised;
  7. it is possible, but it is not necessary to choose "favorites" and hope that these very hype will be super-reliable and "eternal". All projects sooner or later go to scam, and by this time deposits on other hype should be as optimized as possible. Therefore, pay enough attention to all projects.

In your understanding, a well-balanced investment case should appear as a pistol holder, where one cartridge always takes another, and together they can achieve the set result. There is no need to thoroughly study the legends of each HYIP, it is enough to pay attention to the following features:

  • quality and design work;
  • working conditions for technical support;
  • rationality and reasonableness of tariffs;
  • general technical specifications.

The more effort spent on the development and implementation of the project, the higher the likelihood that it runs with serious intentions and will last longer. Such hyips are priority for investments and are considered more or less reliable.

Summing up, I will make an obvious conclusion that the distance allows investors to think strategically and strive for more, sacrificing less. With this approach, the risk of loss will already be planned and will not scare and upset you. Potential losses and incomes should be clearly interrelated with the amount of fixed capital and not exceed reasonable limits of correlation. There are well-established mechanisms for keeping a distance, which simplify the complicated financial planning procedure and make it possible to rationally optimize the investment strategy. Losses are inevitable, but the right approaches in dealing with deposits will allow you to earn much more. Moreover, serious risks can be minimized by combining a well-balanced investment portfolio with well-chosen projects.

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