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HomescamMtmg - reviews of the foreign trader with a yield of 2.5% per day

Mtmg - reviews of the foreign trader with a yield of 2.5% per day

⚠️ Mtmg project - stopped payments! Do not invest!

I worked on the blog for exactly 30 days. Everyone who came to the recommended Beginner plan at the same time with us was able to earn 55% of net profit, taking into account the bonus from the blog. The result is very acceptable.

Hello, friends! Add to the blog a new middleman from a foreign admin called Mtmg (official website Hype offers low-key investment conditions with payments on weekdays and we have the opportunity to join in cooperation with him almost at the start.

  • Official start: 19.11.2019
  • Rates in Mtmg: 2.5% to 6% on workdays
  • Terms of investment: 20 to 50 working days
  • Investment amount: from 8 $ (0.001 BTC)
  • Replenishment methods: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, Dogecoin
  • type of payment: manually, up to 48 hours
  • Blog deposit at 400$
  • Refbek for our partners: 5%


Mtmg Company provides financial management services and is officially registered in the UK. Specifically, the activities of the project on its website are not described, but it is indicated that the funds of depositors are diversified in different directions.

Marketing in the Mtmg project

Mtmg has moderate mid-week payday marketing. In total, we offer four plans with different amounts of deposits, terms and interest rates. At the most affordable Beginner plan tariff, depositors are invited to invest money on 20 working days (28 calendar) and receive 2.5% profit per day. The deposit for all plans is returned at the end of the term, but at more profitable tariffs, breakeven is possible long before the end of the investment term.

1. Beginner plan

  • Percentage yield: 2.5% per day
  • Terms of investment: 20 working days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.001 BTC
  • Breakeven: at the end of the term
  • Net yield: 50%


2. Advanced plan

  • Percentage yield: 3% per day
  • Terms of investment: 25 working days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.5 BTC
  • Breakeven: at the end of the term
  • Net yield: 75%


3. Gold plan

  • Percentage yield: 5% per day
  • Terms of investment: 40 working days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.01 BTC
  • Breakeven: at the end of the term
  • Net yield: 100%


4. Stellar plan

  • Percentage yield: 6% per day
  • Terms of investment: 50 working days
  • Deposit amount: from 1 BTC
  • Breakeven: via 17 working days
  • Net yield: 200%


Marketing features:
  • Under the terms of Mtmg marketing, we can invest an amount from 0.001 MTC. Please note that all deposits work in bitcoins, but you can invest not only cryptocurrency, but also dollars.
  • Payments on active deposits are made only on business days - from Monday to Friday.
  • You can request a withdrawal from 0.0005 BTC.
  • Applications will be processed manually, the time limit is 48 hours.
  • There are no commissions for deposit and withdrawal operations.

Partnership program

You can earn more in the Mtmg project through an affiliate program that will generate income from deposits of direct referrals. Register on the fund’s website, copy the personal referral link in your account and attract new investors to the project. This will allow you to earn 5% from each deposit.


All investors who are registered in via the blog link, they will receive from us an additional profit of 5%. You can get a bonus immediately after creating a deposit on refback page.

Be sure to check during the registration process on the site who is indicated by your invitation. My login is in the project "Bestinvestor_ru" and I can only pay my deposit bonus to my partners.

How to register on the site and make a deposit?

1. We start working with the project with registration, which can be passed on main fund. On the page that opens, select the link in the menu "Check in".


2. In the proposed form, indicate your name, login, email address, password, enter the captcha and click the button at the bottom of the form.


3. Use the section "Deposit“To make money in the project. On the page that opens, select the tariff, specify the payment method, investment amount, and then click the “Make a deposit".


4. Profit will be charged to your balance in the project, you can send it to your wallet through the "Withdraw". Please note that applications are processed manually; this may take up to 48 hours.


Mtmg: reviews and my opinion

Mtmg - a new medium-income fund with payouts on weekdays. It is known that the project from the foreign administration, judging by the presence of several language versions of the site, we conclude that the promotion will be conducted at the international level. This can have a very positive effect on hype performance.

Technically, the fund has everything necessary for work: a licensed script, a unique design, DDoS protection, a convenient personal account. Additional comfort for investors provides the opportunity to make deposits in cryptocurrencies and dollars, as well as a whole range of investment tariffs. In total, the project has four plans, the most accessible of which offers to receive 2.5% per day for 20 working days. These are moderate investment conditions, they can show themselves very well in practice, if the administration of Mtmg has a working spirit.

We enter the project at the start, it is not yet on popular blogs and monitors - this increases our chances of making a profit. Blog partners, as always, have the opportunity to earn more through refback, for Mtmg it is 5% on investment.

Mtmg official website

Order bonus 5%

For successful earning on highly profitable projects I advise you to carefully study this instruction.

Risk reminder

Any investments carry risks and the investor should always take this into account, and as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the yield and the greater the percentage that the project offers, the higher the probability of losing money. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because profitability offers serious, so I recommend to follow certain rules:

  • Remember to diversify and do not invest all the money in one investment tool. It is wiser to distribute the available funds among several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • By investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a large role for you.
  • Withdraw the profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions that the project offers! Take the decision on reinvestment without emotion, after weighing all the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to receive less profit than to lose a deposit.

I advise you to read the article on this topic: What is risk diversification or how to protect your money from scams?

Our deposit:


Here you can view the dynamics of deposits. InvestorsStartPage.

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