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HYIP site does not open - what to do?

What about my money? That was your first thought when you couldn’t go to the HYIP website you already managed to invest in? The question is reasonable, but at such a moment is not the main one. Before you panic and despondency, scout the situation. Perhaps the site HYIP is not lost. You just for some reason can not go on it. Still, we are talking about the most ordinary Internet resource, and they all sometimes suffer from failures.

With what it can be connected? A common problem is server problems. If you can’t normally go into HYIP for this reason, do not ring the alarm - this is not fatal, although it sometimes becomes a cover for a scam. In such a situation, just wait a little. How long the wait lasts depends only on the promptness of the administrator, but usually the period does not exceed a couple of hours. Then the work of the site will be fully restored, and you can easily check the status of your account.

There are other reasons why you can not go into the HYIP. It is also about technical failures, but from your side. Then it remains to take matters into your own hands and calmly solve the problem with the help of the instructions below.

Hyip site does not open

Check software

Newly installed, updated, and reconfigured software on your own PC can interfere with normal access to the HYIP website. In order not to climb into the wilds in search of a malicious program, start with the obvious - the browser and its utilities. Try disabling extensions, such as an ad blocker or a firewall. Often this is enough to find out that the HYIP site has not disappeared anywhere and is steadily continuing to work.

If you can not cope with the utilities, open the resource in another browser, preferably one that you usually do not use and do not load it with all sorts of garbage from numerous extensions and additions. Another alternative is to check whether the website has disappeared through another device. Try to enter the page with the help of a smartphone, tablet, laptop. This method will help if the entrance to the site is blocked by a virus or a small invisible program that you intentionally or even accidentally installed.

What to do if the HYIP site does not open

Doss-protection bothers you

Almost without exception, all HYIP sites use Doss-attack defense tools. Even if you are not an attacker at all, such protection may work against you.

So, the website of the HYIP disappeared, and instead of it you see the message “Security check before accessing ...”. At the same time, you are asked to wait a few seconds, but 10 minutes and a lot of page updates have already passed, and the necessary resource does not open. There may be another inscription: "You have to turn to javascript".

In both cases, the problem is the same - javascript and cookies are disabled. With these browser settings, you will not be able to access not only HYIP, but also some other sites that require user authorization. Fix it easy. Open the program settings window, find the corresponding items in the menu, enable saving local data, as well as using javascript. If you could not change the settings, go to the site from another browser.

You did everything, but still can not go into the HYIP? Perhaps Doss Protection blocks your IP address. Anonymizer site will help circumvent the obstacle. Through it you will be redirected to the desired resource with a change in IP. A more convenient option is to install a VPN program or use the Tor browser. Both tools will allow you not only to finally enter the HYIP, but also to bypass other blocking sites.

If the listed methods failed, look for user feedback. It is very likely that the resource is simply temporarily unavailable due to technical problems.