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HomeWhere to invest money?Passive income on the Internet in 2019: top-8 options and ideas to earn online
Where to invest money?

Passive income on the Internet in 2019: top-8 options and ideas to earn online

Passive income is difficult? The concept is very simple - you are doing nothing (or almost nothing), and the money goes to you. Who does not like this? Not surprisingly, the idea of ​​a passive (for lovers of elaborate terms - residual) Earnings enjoys everlasting popularity since ancient times.

True, the reality is much more complicated and even a bit ironic. In passive income you need to invest either money or your own skills, talents and time. In other words, in order to "get money doing nothing"will have to work hard.

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passive income ideas online

Passive income: "classic" options

  • Bank Deposit Interest
  • Income from securities and investments
  • Revenues from the delivery of real estate
  • Deductions (royalties) for the use of copyright
  • And many more more complex and specific ways.

All of the above can hardly be called "publicly available." For a noteworthy income on securities or bank deposits, you need a very solid start-up capital. Buying Property - pleasure is also not cheap, and it is generally possible for units to come up with something for which large companies will agree to pay royalties for many years.

ATTENTION: The development of technology has significantly reduced the "entry threshold" and now the opportunity for money to earn on the Internet is also available for a beginner.

Features passive earnings on the Internet

The Internet has led not only to the emergence of new sources of passive income, but also significantly changed some of the “classical” ones. And if working with Internet banking differs only in great convenience, then investment world changed beyond recognition. But we'll talk more about this below.

With all the variety of ways of passive earnings on the Internet, there are several general rules that distinguish them from “offline”:

  • Lower financial “entry threshold”
  • Higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Higher risks
  • Higher time costs

Exceptions, of course, are found, but they are exceptions to confirm the rules.

Popular options for passive earnings on the Internet

1.Earnings on your website or blog

This is perhaps the most common way to generate income on the Internet. Find a site without advertising banners and links - that is also a problem. Many sites are living through the sale of advertising, for others it is a “by-product” income, a small increase in the basic earnings, but almost all are engaged in advertising.

passive income online

There are several key ways to make money on the site:

  • Placement of contextual advertising

The unequivocal leader in the popularity of passive income contextual advertising occurs almost everywhere. Making money on it is quite simple: on the website are placed blocks of Google advertising services or Yandex, in which visitors are shown ads that fit their recent searches in search engines. The site owner gets his penny for each click on an advertisement.

IMPORTANT: The amount of income from contextual advertising strongly depends on the subject of the site and its traffic. “On average in a hospital” site with traffic of about a thousand people a day allows you to count on 2-4 thousand rubles a month. The income is not too big, but really passive: after the block is placed, everything happens automatically.

  • Placement of banners

Very similar to the previous version, but you have to work directly with the advertiser, whose banner is placed on the site. Pay per click is usually slightly higher than in the case of contextual advertising. And in rare cases, it is possible to even agree on payment for the time the banner is displayed on the site (but this should get you very lucky). But you have to look for partners on your own.

  • Selling links

SEO-optimizers are willing to pay well for placing links to their sites on third-party resources - such links very well help in the promotion in search engines. So if you have a multi-page, high-quality, indexed site that search engines consider authoritative - you have a chance to earn good money (from 1000 rubles for the link). Moreover, link exchanges allow you to automate the process and minimize the time spent.

There is only one drawback - search engines actively struggle with selling links and create new algorithms for its detection. If you are not lucky - the site can be punished by a search engine and removed down the issue.

  • Placement of promotional materials

And, of course, you can post promotional articles, reviews and other materials on the website or blog. But, again, you have to search for customers and authors or write texts yourself, so there’s no need to talk about “passive income”.

This is generally one of the main problems of earnings on the site - in order to “stay afloat” you will have to regularly update it, be engaged in its promotion, optimization, add new content. In theory, of course, an abandoned site can “bring a lot of money” for a long time due to contextual advertising and, perhaps, even pay for hosting. But if you want to make good money on your site - you will have to work on this site.

2 Passive Social Media Income

Social networks do not just occupy an increasing part of our lives - they are gradually replacing entire branches of the “traditional” Internet. Strictly speaking, almost everything that we wrote above about working with websites and blogs, applies to groups and accounts in social networks. Is that the situation in the market for links is more sad.

The most popular (and, accordingly, profitable) social networks in the Russian segment:

  • VK
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Classmates
  • Twitter

Social networks are much more dynamic, so new content will have to appear more often, and it’s vital to communicate with the audience. So the earnings here are even less passive.

3.How to make money on Youtube

It would seem - a dream job. Shoot yourself a video (even professional equipment is not needed), post it, get money from Youtube for advertising. But, honestly, you cannot recommend Youtube as a source of passive income. And that's why:

  1. First, in order to receive at least some money, you need to have many subscribers on your channel. For this video should be high-quality, interesting, there should be a lot of them and they should go out regularly. So youtube is a complete job. And often - work without days off and full time.
  2. The authors of the video do not receive as much money as it seems from the outside. After the so-called “advertising apocalypse,” payments from the hosting itself have plummeted. So you have to look for sponsors, and they want to integrate advertising into each video and a lot more. So there is more work.

4. Referral Programs

Many projects and companies - from online games to banks - are willing to pay to attract new customers. You get a link, place it where you want, and get money for each user who followed this link to the advertiser's website and registered or bought something or performed any other actions (for example, played a certain number of games in the game). Often there are bonuses for your referral attracting new referrals and so on.

It is quite logical that a website, a group in a social network or a channel on Youtube, provided that they are sufficiently popular, is an ideal platform for placing referral links - this is how many people will see it. And the likelihood that the link will at least go - much higher than on any other platforms.

5. Advertising applications

Another interesting and very new solution is browser extensions like which are also often distributed through referral programs. On the one hand, they allow advertisers to bypass ad blockers. On the other hand, users in return receive the opportunity to automate the search for referrals, partners and subscribers, significantly increasing the efficiency of other ways of earning money.

6. Passive Income “Truly” - Online Investment

Another popular way to make money online - investments in the so-called HYIPs (from the English abbreviation HYIP - High Yield Investment Program) - investment projects with high payback. And in terms of potential profit, it really is The most promising option for passive income. But it carries significant risks.

  1. Firstly, all HYIPs are built according to the Ponzi scheme - payments to old participants are made at the expense of new ones and sooner or later they collapse. If you managed to enter the HYIP at an early stage - you are “in chocolate”, if you are late with the entrance - there is a risk of losing the invested money.
  2. Secondly, the risk is further increased due to the abundance of outspoken scammers on the market who simply “go off into the sunset” with investors' money.

The best solution would be monitor HYIPs through of our site. This will give you the opportunity before others to learn about a promising project and avoid fraud. However, you should not invest in HYIP more than you are willing to lose.

7. Trading

By itself, playing on the stock exchanges is a tedious, nervous and risky business. But there is an opportunity to use the service of “trust management” (PAMM-accounts). You, along with other investors, transfer your funds to a professional trader. He trades on the exchanges, using this money, the profit from these transactions, minus the trader's commission, goes to you.

This is a good way to make money work for you, but you are not insured that the trader will make a mistake and lose your money. Or run away with the money. Or deliberately “merge” the account to his colleague, conspiring with him.

8. Mining

Mining cryptocurrency was incredibly popular in 2017 and the beginning of 2018, when the course of Bitcoin set new records and it seemed that digital money would soon conquer the world. But already a year like Kryptranok is depressed, and whether the “cryptocurrency fever” will happen again - is unknown.

Mining, with a reasonable approach, can still be profitable, but it is difficult to attribute it to passive income: you will have to constantly monitor equipment, exchange rates, the situation in the network of the coin that you get and many others.

In addition, for the “home miners”, the extraction of little-known new cryptocurrencies is more relevant now - to compete with the giant mining pools “on the field” of the same Bitcoin is simply pointless. And the courses of all small cryptocurrencies are extremely unstable. Now Russian crypt Tkeykoin is very popular. So no one guarantees that after a couple of weeks, the coins you extract will not turn into useless “digital trash”.


The situation with passive income on the Internet once again confirms the beaten saying about a mousetrap and free cheese. At least at the first stage, it will be necessary to invest money, knowledge and time (and often all at once) to ensure this income, and in the future it will be hard to say that no effort will be made at all.

At the same time, the World Wide Web greatly simplifies the attempt to secure its financial independence. The minimum reasonable amount of investment is less than offline, so despite the somewhat higher probability of failure, you risk much less. In addition, you can do everything you need to secure a stable income right from home - you don’t need to run documents with authorities, settle formalities, search for premises, and so on and so forth.

So feel free to use all the features of the Internet. But use it wisely and think carefully about your actions.

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