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Registration in Perfect Money, wallet in the system

Perfect Money - the most popular anonymous EWS in the global network. It was organized 10 years ago, in 2007, as a system for performing instant transactions over the Internet. The company’s registration was made in Panama, but the site’s appearance suggests that Russian specialists took an active part in its development. The most recent information about Perfect Money system!

How to register a Perfect Money wallet and replenish its balance. Watch the video instruction.

Perfect Money: the main advantages of the system

Today, the user can open wallets in four currencies:

  • Dollars
  • euro
  • gold
  • Bitcoin

Among the contingent of users are both individuals and legal entities who need to make money transfers quickly and securely.

Perfect Money offers its users the following range of services:

  • internal transfers within the Perfect Money payment system
  • payment for goods and services
  • possibility to receive interest on the balance on the account once a month (4% per year)
  • the possibility of buying currency and gold
  • generating income from online business
  • affiliate program

As with most other services, each user has a status:

  • during registration you get the first status - Normal
  • after a year of use or when replenishing an account in the amount of 10 000 $ - Premium
  • by agreement of the management - Partner

payment system Perfect Money

Getting a higher status allows you to reduce the cost of the commission, while at the same time the following rates work:

  • annual service - free
  • SMS informing on the movement of funds- 0.10 $
  • depositing through a bank is free of charge
  • purchase and sale of currency - at the current rate
  • profile recovery - 100 $
  • internal translation for Premium user - 0,5%
  • internal translation for verified user - 0,5%
  • internal translation for unverified user - 1,99%

Perfect Money - advantages and disadvantages

Today there are thousands of different payment systems all over the world, each of which is better in some ways and worse in others. The main advantages of Perfect Money include:

  • transaction confidentiality
  • low enough commission
  • the possibility of receiving interest on the balance of the account
  • unlimited cash transactions
  • affiliate program
  • wide range of payment methods
  • setup automatic payment
  • using the merchant API
  • 20 supported languages
  • clear interface

The main disadvantages:

  • relatively small selection of currencies compared to other systems
  • not developed software or PC application
  • no options for direct exchange with systems
  • not every country accepts such cash transactions
  • customer service in English only

Perfect Money Wallet: Security

Electronic money, like any other savings, need reliable protection. In this case, with constant reports of cyber-attacks, the issue of ensuring the security of own funds arises quite acutely. You can change the security settings on your page in the "Settings" tab.

security settings in Perfect Money

The system provides several types of protection:

  1. The system of one-time passwords that come in the form of SMS messages to the phone. To configure, simply enter your phone number in the appropriate section. Please note that this type of protection will require an additional fee - 0.1 $ for each SMS.
  2. Check IP-address - the system remembers the IP from which registration was made. If an attempt is made to enter from another IP, the system will ask you to enter a four-digit code, sending it to the post office.
  3. Code card - with each new transfer or withdrawal of funds from the system you will be asked to enter one of the codes. Access to the codes can be obtained within 24 hours in the “Settings” tab, the system will also automatically send an email with a code card to your email.
  4. Connect an automated software API to receive payments on your computer. Just click the "Enable" button.

Registration in Perfect Money

Opening the wallet in the system is easy and simple, it takes only a few minutes. So, you just need to go through a few standard steps:

  1. On the main page of the site (in the top menu), select the "Register" button and click on it.
  2. On the page that opens, enter your details:
  • Account name - you make it up yourself and it can be any
  • Name must be entered as in the passport, otherwise there may be problems with verification
  • City - the address of the place of residence, as in the passport
  • Country need to choose from the dropdown list
  • Then enter postal code
  • Specify the postal address (e-mail), which will receive a confirmation
  • Account type - depends on your goals (Personal or Business)
  • Create a password
  • Read the terms of service and check
  • Click on "Register"
  1. Open the mailbox and find the letter from Perfect Money, where your ID will be indicated.
  2. To complete the registration, click "Login" on the main page of the site, enter the ID and password.

registration in Perfect Money

After entering your data, you get to the page where you can manage your funds. At the top right you will see the "My accounts" field, here you will find the numbers of three accounts (in three currencies), you can increase their number to 11.

How to open an additional wallet in Perfect Money?

If you want to create one or several more to the existing three wallets, then you need to click on the button "Add an account" in section "My accounts".

In the window that opens, select the type of currency for the new wallet. In total, the 4 options are available:

  • dollars - max 3 wallet
  • Euro– max 3 wallet
  • Gold - maximum 2 wallet
  • Bitcoin - max 3 wallet

Select the desired currency, for example, Bitcoin, click "Create BTC new wallet" and confirm the action by checking the box.

Information on the selected changes will be immediately reflected in the “My Accounts” field.

Perfect Money Verification

Turning to the bank, you are obliged to provide passport data - the same policy is forced to adhere to and systems that work with money transfers via the Internet. Verification is stimulated in every service in different ways, Perfect Money offers reduced fees to verified clients. To complete the procedure, you must submit the following documents in scanned form:

  • Passport, first page or driver's license;
  • A passport page with a residence permit or a check for housing and public utilities from the place of residence (or any other document confirming your place of residence);
  • Mobile phone number.

verification in Perfect Money

To complete the verification process, go to "Settings" and scroll to the bottom of the page, find the button "Verification Management". Next you need to go through three steps:

  1. Name verification requires attaching a scan of an identity document (color * .jpg file, no more than 1,5 mb)
  2. Address verification requires a document confirming the place of residence or residence
  3. Phone verification requires entering a code that the robot will call you.

All documents are manually checked by Perfect Money employees, usually the procedure takes up to 6 days. Checking a mobile number becomes available only after passing the first two steps.

Cash Transactions in Perfect Money

To get started, you need to replenish your account, you can do it in one of several ways:

  • bank transfer in the amount of 300 $
  • money from the credit exchange
  • Biktoin
  • E-voucher

You can also use one of the electronic exchangers; a list of certified online exchangers can be found on the Perfect Money website itself. The most common option is to use the service, where you can choose the most profitable course.

operations with money in Perfect Money

Having decided on the amount and method of exchange, fill out the transfer form, indicating the Perfect Money wallet number. Withdrawals are made in the same ways as input.

If you need to arrange a transfer of funds between the wallets of different users on Perfect Money you need:

  • Open the “internal translation” tab;
  • Then specify "Single payment";
  • Specify the payment amount, the recipient's wallet number and verify the entered data by clicking "Preview";
  • Confirm the transfer.

The minimum amount of transfer to Perfect Money - 0.1 USD or EUR or 10 USD in gold.
Perfect Money is one of the most convenient and practical systems that people choose today who need fast and convenient service, both for running a business and for investing. Perfect Money does not stand still, but is constantly developing and improving, attracting more and more new customers.

PerfectMoney official website

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