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Perfect Money 2020 wallet year: how to create and withdraw money + verification

What is a PERFECT MANI wallet?

Perfect Money one of the most famous payment systems in Runet. This is confirmed by the BestChange service, which brings together the best web exchangers: included in TOP-20 sites for the storage and exchange of electronic money.

In this article we will talk about what is Perfect Money, how to register an account herewhat functionality the system offers to its customers. We will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the exchanger in comparison with competitors. In the same vein, we are preparing reviews about cryptocurrency exchanges. We offer you an article with reviews and important facts. about the exchange Binans.

Perfect Money is easy

General information about the wallet

Perfect Money has been working for 13 years. - the first transaction was carried out in 2007 year. Popularity began to grow sharply since the 2013 year: it was then that the Liberty Reserve, one of the main competitors of, closed

Perfect Money is managed from Zurich, and the parent company of the payment service, Perfect Money Finance Corp., is registered in Panama. However, this should not confuse users from the CIS countries - the main page is adapted for Russian-speaking clients:

Review Perfect Money

In addition to Russian, 22 is also supported here. But they are less popular: most users live in the CIS countries.

How to register in Perfect Money?

To get an account on the exchange service website, go to the payment system siteclick the button "Check in" - it is located at the top of the main page:

A window will appear "Create an account" - enter here the basic information about yourself:

It is possible not to fill in all fields: for example, the column “Telephone / Fax” is optional. But if you specify a phone number, then it will be easier to restore access to your account and verify your identity. Therefore, we recommend to indicate the mobile.

If you are going to use Perfect Money anonymously, you can specify any data - for example, write that you are Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, who lives in Moscow with mail and mobile number +7(900) 000-00-00. But verification with such information about yourself will not be possible, and the possibilities of an anonymous account are limited. Because of this, we advise you to specify data that corresponds to reality.

If the registration was successful, the following message will appear on the screen:

Check your mail - it should contain a welcome letter from Perfect Money.

Numbers from the field Member ID - this is your login. Remember them to log in to your account. If you cannot remember, do not delete the letter from Perfect Money from the mail: if the message is not saved, the Member ID will be lost and you will not be able to recognize it in any other place.

What are the wallets and accounts in Perfect Money?

В Perfect Money there are several types of wallets that differ from each other by currency.. There is also a gradation of accounts - by type of user (personal / business) and by his status.

Let us analyze the classification of wallets and Perfect Money accounts in more detail.

1. Purses

Their four types - separate for each currency:

  • for US dollars;
  • for euro;
  • for gold;
  • for bitcoins.

Immediately after registering an account, three wallets are opened - for US dollars, euros and gold. They are visible in the “My accounts” section:

Perfect Money Wallet

If you want to pay using Perfect Money in Bitcoins, then read the section “How to create a wallet” - there you can find instructions for registering a new wallet.

2. Accounts

In Perfect Money, accounts are classified according to two criteria - by type of participant, as well as by their status.

By participant type, two types of accounts are distinguished:

  • personal - ordinary people work with them;
  • “Business” - they are needed by companies that use Perfect Money for commercial purposes.

What will be the account - personal or “business” - a member of the system indicates during registration. You cannot change this: you need to create a new account.

According to the status of the user there are three types of accounts:

  • Normal - an account without additional privileges, issued immediately after registration;
  • Premium - is given to participants who work in Perfect Money for at least a year and have thousands of US dollars in their accounts from 100;
  • Partner is intended for commercial organizations cooperating with Perfect Money.

The decision to issue the Premium or Partner status is made by the administration of the exchanger in each case. To reach a new level, send a request through the Personal Account: it will be considered within 1-2 months.

How to create a wallet?

To get additional wallets, return to the “My accounts” section and click on “Add account”:

In the menu that opens, you can register more 7 wallets:

  • 2 - for US dollars;
  • 2 - for the euro;
  • 1 - for gold;
  • 3 - for bitcoins.

To do this, select the desired type of wallet and click on “Create a new wallet”. We will analyze the example of the dollar:

The “Add new wallet” menu will open. A warning will appear - the number of wallets is limited. If you agree, check the box “I confirm”:

Perfect Money registers wallets immediately - convenient for those who need them urgently:

Please note: the maximum number of wallets for one user is 10 pieces. Create more fail, even for a fee.

How to deposit?

To make money appear on your Perfect Money account, click on the “Enter” link in your account:

The service will offer five options:

We will understand how to replenish your account in Perfect Money through exchange partners. This is the most popular way, because it is suitable for all accounts - including unverified ones.

Follow the link “Exchange exchange partners” and select any - there are more than a hundred of them:

We recommend exchangers that:

  • have a good rating from Perfect Money (Trust Score from 1000 points and above);
  • they work in automatic mode (this is indicated by the green “AUTOMATED” mark next to the name of the service).

After selecting the exchanger, you will be taken to its website. Then follow the instructions that will offer a specific service.

How to withdraw money?

To receive funds from Perfect Money, use the “Withdrawal” link - it is in your personal account:

The screenshot below shows six withdrawal methods, but in fact there are five: “Electronic money” and “Certified exchange points-partners” are one and the same.

how to withdraw money from the Perfect Money wallet

We will analyze how to withdraw funds from Perfect Money using e-Voucher.

e-voucher - This is a special code with which you can fund your account in Perfect Money. You can buy an e-Voucher, give it to another user of the exchanger and get, for example, money into a bank account.

  1. To purchase an e-Voucher, click on the link “buy a new e-Voucher”.
  2. Specify how much money to write off and from what account.
  3. The e-Voucher will be created immediately and will appear in your personal account. It is valid indefinitely, and its value does not fall - you can use it even after 10-20 in years and not lose money.

Perfect Money Verification

There are anonymous accounts in the payment system. However, you cannot use bank transfers from such accounts - you can replenish accounts and withdraw money only through a credit exchange and exchangers, which is not very convenient.

Therefore, we recommend that you pass verification in Perfect Money to anyone who plans to use the system not 1-2 times, but work with it regularly.

To confirm that the account holder is you, go to the “Settings” section:

Then find the item “Account Verification” and click on “Verification Management”:
Account Verification with PerfectMoney

Proof of identity is necessary in three stages:

  • Name verification - upload your passport, driver's license or other document with full name and photo;
  • address verification - for example, utility bills;
  • phone verification - enter your mobile, and Perfect Money will compare it with the one you specified during registration.

You can verify the name and address in parallel. And confirmation of the phone will be available only when the Perfect Money administrators check the name, place of residence and approve them.

The entire verification procedure will take 2-3 working day. As soon as it ends, you will have access to all the features of the system. For example, you can replenish your account and withdraw money through bank accounts: it is faster and cheaper than other methods. And the fee for transfers within the system and for withdrawing money will also decrease.

Reviews about Perfect Money: pros and cons has several advantages due to which this site is more attractive than many competitors:

  • low commissions - they take a verified user 0,5% of the transfer amount;
  • anonymous accounts - Perfect Money ready to keep user data secret from anyone else (though you have to pay for it with higher commissions - until 2% of the transaction amount);
  • cryptocurrency transfers - Bitcoins are connected to Perfect Money, which is not the case with most other exchangers;
  • trust index - the service gives participants a “Trust Score”: if a participant has a low score, then he can be a fraudster and you should not work with him;
  • interest on the balance - Perfect Money pays out 4% pa for a minimum account balance every month.

However, there are several drawbacks:

  • outdated design - the site’s appearance has not been updated since 2007, and during this time it has become much less user friendly than competitors ’sites;
  • irreversibility of transactions - in this the system is similar to cryptocurrencies: if you made a transfer by mistake, then you can not protest it and return the funds.

Summing up, let's say that pluses are more important and significant than disadvantages. The main competitive advantage of the site is its multifunctionality: now Perfect Money provides clients with practically the same services as banks, while other exchangers are limited only to money transfers. At the same time, anonymity is preserved on the site: if necessary, you can transfer funds to any part of the planet and go unnoticed.

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