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HYIP Investment Rules

Investment rulesFor successful investment, you must follow the rules of investing, following which you can increase your capital. These rules are not someone's fantasies, but the fruit of the vast experience of successful investors who have worked and are working with various projects, earning tangible profits from investments.

Never trust project administrators!

Investing in a project is essentially a gift to its administrator, and payments sent to you as a result of the work are a return gift from the manager. Any warranty assurances are false. So the first rule of investing: do not trust administrators - they lie!

Nobody owes you anything. You give, and if the project is completed, you are given back. If the amount of money you receive exceeds the invested funds, then you get a profit. If not - do not judge me!

Withdraw funds and share the results.

Output the money received from the project implementation and share this information in social networks, on the forums. Take screenshots of payouts. People will be interested in your success and will join the ranks of investors, thereby increasing the probability of reaching a profit.

Try to do without reinvesting

Keep yourself from the desire to invest in the project additional funds. Novice investors often do this: they first invest a small amount, and after the first success they rush to make extra money.

If you have income that you can invest, it will be better to find another project. If you do not see a suitable option, just wait. Collect information, time will come, and there will be an attractive project.

Online investment

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

It should distribute funds to different projects, not concentrating them in one place. The most optimal share of investment in one project - from 2 to 7% of the total investment. And there should be a lot of such projects. Calculate the amount of investment necessary in view of the type of project.

Based on this:

  • You can invest 2-3% of the amount of the investment portfolio in high-yield.
  • In projects with an average return can invest 4-5%.
  • In low-income, you can invest more - up to 7%.

How to optimally distribute project types by share in your portfolio?

Consider a situation where an investor is willing to invest in several projects 1000 dollars. This amount will be properly divided between 5-7 variants of different types. For example, consider the option suitable for a novice investor:

  • Investment Portfolio20% (200 dollars) of the total amount are invested in high-yield projects;
  • in projects with an average return - 30% (300 dollars);
  • in low-income - 40% (400 dollars).

In the rest we have 100 dollars, which it makes sense to spend on advertising projects with the most attractive conditions.

Do not believe promises!

Do not listen to those who promise a guaranteed income. There are no guarantees on the investment market, so people talking about this can be:

  • so-called referrals who send spam about the project, but not participating in it;
  • newbies without experience, dreaming of super profits;
  • scammers who raise money.

You can only believe those who advertise the project, personally participating in it and voting for it with their money. Normal people will not shout about guarantees and super-profits, but inform about possible risks, provide information about the potential profitability of the project, name the amount invested, and provide screens of payments made.

Therefore, remember about the second rule - to share the results in social networks and forums.

Do not trust the documentation provided on the project site!

It should be remembered that you can register an organization in Europe for a small fee. For project administrators who are going to make millions, this is not much. Therefore, any scans of documents do not carry any useful information.

Do not believe in legends!

Investments in Internet projectsDo not take on faith a beautiful shell for the usual HYIP. Remember the first rule - never to trust project administrators. When revenues start to overlap with payments, no legitimate business will be able to keep the project afloat.

And in conclusion: investing in projects is a gamble. Try to get pleasure from the process, and if you go to profit, then treat this as a pleasant surprise!

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