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HomescamZonders project development and enhanced deposit protection at 3000 $

Zonders project development and enhanced deposit protection at 3000 $

Good day, friends!

Our partners and readers of the blog are already well acquainted with the TOP investment fund Zonders, which stably brings just space profit and has passed just an unrealistic number of circles! The site does not cease to amaze us and, in addition to confident development, the administration has provided enhanced protection for our partners - now your investments are protected by the fund in the amount of 3000$. Now Zonders is the most profitable and most secure blog project!

Project collaboration results

Project Zonders recently celebrated its anniversary - the year of work on the network. Our blog also has a lot of sites - 333 days, for this period we have the following results:

  • 56 circles at the lowest rate, with a total earnings of 336% profit.
  • 18 circles at the 12-day rate, earnings amounted to 432% given the bonus from the blog.
  • 9 circles on the 24-day plan, the total profit with a refback - 522%.
  • 7 circles at 30-day rate, with earnings 490% profit.
  • Even on after-plans, on which we did not recommend going in, it was possible to go through more than one circle and get excellent interest.

Zonders Project Development

A year of stable work of the project is an impressive time for the hype industry, we strongly recommend that administrators of other projects take an example from this TOP site. Throughout this time, Zonders has pleased with updates, profitable promotions and news:

  • Zonders attended the global Asian Oil and Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

  • The international development of the project is continuing, the site has been translated into German, Chinese and Spanish.
  • The company entered into an agreement with the major insurance company AXA Group, now investor deposits are protected by the 78 000 000 $ fund.
  • Open two new tariffs with profitability 7.3% per day for an unlimited period and 9% per day for 25 business days.

  • A competition for a video review has been announced, which allows participants to earn up to 17% to the amount of the deposit.
  • A company office was opened in New York, a photo report was provided on this.

  • Zonders invested 20 million yuan to build an aluminum plant in Chongqing.

  • The Shanghai branch of the company has joined a partnership between Iran and China.
  • Now an action is being held in honor of the annual anniversary of the project, which will allow you to receive a bonus to a new deposit in the amount of from 3.65% to 10.45%.

Future prospects

Zonders breaks stereotypes and shows that even with good interest rates and short tariffs, you can work long and productively. From the start, the administration of the fund has embarked on a course towards international development and it follows them consistently, we see how globally the company positions itself in the market and what significant steps it takes in its development.

Is it worth entering this project now, when a year of productive work is behind? One thing can be said: Zonders is a unique project that shows a non-standard approach in everything and has surprised us all with its achievements more than once. Given this fact, one can expect from Zonders still a long period of confident work. At the same time, let's not forget that for our partners the administration provided serious protection in the amount of 3000 $ and this is the most secure blog project.

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