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Glossary and terms of the investor's hyip

I decided to publish dictionary and terms HYIP (HYIP) investor, so that all newcomers are in the subject line and understand what is going on in the discussions on the blog, forums, skype chat rooms, etc. 🙂

I update the dictionary regularly! Therefore, if you joined in 2019, then know all the terms relevant!

Do not forget to find out what is VPN and how to connect it

In the world of Hyip there is a language - words that are meaningless to the uninitiated or have a completely different meaning.

The HYIP Investor Dictionary will introduce you to these terms.

HYIP investor

"Admin"- administrator (owner) of the hyip-project.

"Upline" (upline) - referrer, partner, upstream sponsor or upstream participant who invites you to a project, usually in the HYIP, or the MLM pyramid.

"Acc"- profile, user account.

"Bath"- temporary or permanent blocking of the profile of the forum member.

"Buratino"- an individual who invests large sums in investment projects, usually under the influence of advanced referrals.

"Bourgeois" - foreign hyipers or administrators of hyip projects who are not residents of the CIS and Baltic countries.

"Wang"- predict the life of the HYIP.

"Vloshenets" - an individual who has invested (invested) his funds in a particular project, usually this definition refers to newcomers who are thoughtlessly investing their funds under the influence of a “herd reflex” or an experienced referrer.

"Govnohyp"- HYIP project, which negatively proved itself in the process, as a rule, short-term work.

"GK"- (goldcoders) script for HYIP projects.

"DU"- trust management in an investment project, usually, according to a legend in HYIP projects, this is equity management of investors' funds in the Forex market with the help of “experienced” traders.

“Triangle Triangle”- complain to moderators about this or that forum member.

"Instant" (instant) - instant payment in automatic mode in some HYIP projects.

"Compounding" (compounding) is the percentage of reinvestment in the HYIP, that is, part of the profit (accruals) is added to the main deposit, the percentage of reinvestment can be different from 0 to 100, at the option of the investor.

"Legend"- a made-up story for a HYIP project that works on the principle of a Ponzi-scheme.
The most popular legends of HYIP projects are trading on the Forex market, “win-win” sports betting, trade in antiques, gold, oil, investments in start-ups, construction, real estate or other enterprises disguised as real activity.

"Listing" (listing) - paid placement of the project on the resource. When the HYIP administrator pays the person money, and that part of the money invests in the HYIP, and part takes him as a commission and places the HYIP on his resource.

"LC"- personal account of the forum member.

"Mlmnoe herd" - A group of gullible "Buratin" or "Vloshantsev", the so-called participants of the MLM pyramids, usually collected and driven into a HYIP project by an active "referral-shepherd" from Skype chat.

"Moder"- forum moderator.

"Exchange"- service for cashing electronic payment instruments.

"Paidposting" (paid posting) - writing posts on the forum for a cash reward.

"Payposter" (paydik) - frequenter of the forum, who writes posts about payments for cash remuneration to support a particular HYIP project.

"Perfect" or "PM"- payment system of hyipers of all stripes PerfectMoney.

"Ponzi-scheme" (ponzi scheme) - a popular pyramid fundraising scheme for investors, with subsequent payments through newer deposits. In practice, this scheme works as long as there is an influx of new investments, then collapse (scam) inevitably follows.

"Premiums"- a group in “striped swimsuits”, owners of VIP accounts, who paid the administration of the forum for an expanded advertising block of links in the signature.

"Rega"- registration on the forum or in the project.

HYIP Investor Dictionary

"Ref"- referral, participant of the HYIP project, which is registered through the link of the referrer or his friend.

"Refovod"- An active participant, as a rule, the owner of "premium status" on the forum, which promotes HYIPs, with the aim of making money on referral commissions.

"Refback" (refback) –Partial refund for those who registered via referral link or mona.

"Sabzh"- a certain topic on the forum. Not by sabzh (synonymous with offtopic) - that is, the discussion is off topic.

"Support" (support) - technical support of the project.

"SB"- Forum security service.

"Middle"These are HYIP projects, usually with a legend, and which promise a return from 16 to 60% per month.

Scam- the collapse of the investment project, the termination of payments to participants for one reason or another.

"Stata"- statistics of payments on the website of the HYIP project.

"Superfasty"- the same fasts, but with hourly payout of invested funds.

"Flush the project"- as a rule, purposeful denigration of a project in a certain forum topic by a group of persons by prior agreement or order of competitors, this act is often paid.
Without payment and collusion, they usually “drown” the so-called “shitty” admins.

"Tops"- the old-timers of the forum, the owners of the status of Top Master.

"Ticket"- internal system message in writing, which allows participants of the HYIP (or forum) to quickly communicate with the support.

"TS"- topicstarter (topic strarter) - the founder of any topic on the forum.

"HYIP"(HYIP) - high-risk investment project, usually operating on the principle of "ponzi-scheme."

Hyper- participant of HYIP projects.

"Fasti"- HYIP projects, typical Ponzi pyramids, which promise super profitability over 61% per month.

Fluderast- a negative assessment with an offensive overtones for the forum member, who overly fills the forum topics with monotonous posts and usually quite large in content.

"CHIF"- private investment fund, the same HYIP in essence, but as a rule closed for mass registration or with a high threshold of entry (contribution).

Account (acc, account) - an account in the project, registered in your name, nickname, or e-mail.

Butcher (Batch) - transfer number in payment systems.

Payments are automatic (Auto-Payment) - type of payments for which there is no need to order them - they come at a certain time.

Instance Payments (Instant) - type of payment in which the payment is sent to your account in the payment system immediately after the order.

Manual payments (Manual) - payment type when the project admin handles and pays for applications manually.

Deposit (depot, deposit) is differently called the principal (Principal) or interest (Interest) - a contribution to an investment project.

DoS-attack and DDoS-attack (DDos - Denial of Service - “Denial of Service” and Distributed Denial of Service - “Distributed Denial of Service”) are types of malicious attacks on computer systems. The purpose of these attacks is to create conditions under which system users cannot access the resources provided by the system, or this access is difficult.

Inside (inside) - this is private information first hand. In the context of HYIP, a personal connection with the admin (or his entourage) and plans that the admin shares over the life of the HYIP. development, etc.

Keeper (Keeper) - a program that allows you to check your balance in the payment system, make payments and receive transfers without entering the payment system account.

Compound (compounding, Compound) - the process by which the accrued interest, the deposit or part of it is again invested in the project (reinvested), and not transferred to the account of the payment system.

Pending (Pending) - the period of time during which your payment is in the waiting mode of its turn for processing.

Profit (Profit) - the profit received from the project.

Reinvest - (Reinvest) - see Compound.

Refand (Refund) - return of the contribution (or part thereof) at the closure of the project.

Reflink (referral link) - most projects have a referral program, according to which an investor is paid an additional percentage from the investors (referrals) attracted by him. In order to find out who invited whom, each investor receives his promotional link in the project, for example,

SCAM (SCAM) - a project that stopped paying investors. In some cases it can be available for registration and acceptance of deposits, so you should be very careful when choosing a project for investment and first make sure that the project really pays!

Script - software that automates and simplifies the work of the administration in accepting deposits and paying interest.

Hype (HYUP, HIP, HYIP, HYIP) - High Yield Investment Program - a program, company, fund or just an organization whose purpose is to attract private capital of Internet users, and then return this capital, but much more (sometimes several times). The forum has a FAQ, which I highly recommend reading to all newbies!

Withdraw - withdrawal of free assets (savings, if they are not sent by an instant to the user's account) from the account, withdrawal to your wallet in the payment system.

History (account histori, histori) - usually the project provides an opportunity to monitor events occurring with funds on the balance sheet, such as - the accrual of ref. commissions, campound, other charges, deposit / withdrawal of depot, etc.
(sometimes important parts of the story are divided into separate options)

Ponzi - a project that makes payments from deposits. Those. Works while there are contributions.

ROI (Return On Investment, return on investment) - the ratio of the average increase in profits to the volume of investments. The payback period of investments is a method of evaluating investment projects, when the most important acceptance criterion is the length of the period during which initial costs are paid off. It is assumed that all subsequent income represents a net profit. The payback period is the time required for the amount invested in a project to return fully.

Earned total - the sum of all accruals from deposits.

Transaction (transaction) - operation, transfer

Financial password (transaction code) - transaction password (something like a pin-code). It is different from the login password.

Apline (upline), sponsor - the nickname of the person who invited you to the project

RCB (refback) - return referral commission or part thereof

Copy yourself and be literate investors!

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