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Types of HYIP: when to enter and exit the project?

Types of HYIP Projects

Hello friends! Due to the fact that I prefer high income projects, I invest most of the money in HYIPs and I think that they are much more promising than bank deposits or, for example, PAMM investments, I had the idea to help beginners to get acquainted with the diversity ways to make a profit in the process of working with HYIP projects. From now on, such information will appear on the pages of my resource more often, because beginner questions are for the most part similar, but are asked regularly. They mainly concern such topics as: “Where to invest money?”, “What is the period of work of a project?”, “How to achieve security for your investments?”, “What is the most favorable moment to exit the project?”, “ In what period of the project is it better to invest? "," Which projects will bring more profit? "And the like.

This article will help beginners to understand the principles of the projects and give answers to their questions. Here in the form of theses are collected important points that relate to investing in HYIPs, except for those that have already been expressed in the article “How to make money in HYIPs”, which I recommended to read before starting to work with investing high-yielding projects.

What is investment in HYIPs

Types of HYIP: when to enter and exit the project?

To begin, any novice investor should understand that investing in HYIP projects is a type of investment that brings a high return if successful, but the risks are considerable, as a result of one or two failures, many refuse this type of investment, considering it a fraud and attempted misappropriation of money by project administrators. The network can find many similar reviews about HYIP, in fact it is partially true. Highly profitable HYIP project is a kind of game between the participants and the administrator, like in a casino between winners and owners of the establishment. But there is a big difference - in gaming establishments, the owner wins in 99% of cases, whereas in HYIP projects the odds are approximately 50 in 50%. This is especially true when administrators are dealing with experienced investors.

The main thing is to remember that, whatever the legend of the project, you will always participate in the system, the organizers of which make payments to the first investors at the expense of those who made the investments later, and get profit from the last participants who invested in the project before closing

In order to competently systematize the structure of work and understand the basic principles of project evaluation, I advise you to first read my article “How to make money in HYIPs”, which describes most of the important points.

Entry and exit strategies

Here, the first thing I will describe is the strategy for entering and exiting the project:

  • The so-called “hitraner” method is characterized by lightning-fast actions. The name comes from the English "hit and run", which in Russian will sound like "picked up and ran away." The method is different in that the investor invests funds for the shortest, permissible period of time, after which he receives a profit from the deposit and leaves the project. The method is quite common and effective, especially at the beginning of the life of the HYIP. The contribution quickly pays off, income can be obtained in a short time, and the risk is less. But there is a method and disadvantages, one of which is the shortfall in profits in the case of the start of a long-term solvent project. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to be able to realistically evaluate HYIPs or use reliable sources of information about them, for example, blogs of authoritative authors.
  • The method of waiting - at the time of the start of the project, the investor is not in a hurry to invest, watching the development of the HYIP for several days or even weeks. At the same time, it is necessary to study the information available on the network about all weaknesses, shortcomings and vice versa - the merits of the project. To do this, you can visit the target resources - forums and blogs, but do not forget about trolling and intentional misrepresentation. Sometimes when using this method, the investor may make the minimum contribution on the first round, and then check the payments. Experienced hyipers use this method to work with intermediaries and low-interest projects, it will not work for fast food - you'll lose more often than earn income.
  • Another method, distinguished by subtlety and a special approach, is to identify the so-called "partisans" and invest in them. Such projects usually work from several months to six months, as a result, you can start earning even before the moment of public “disguise of a partisan” and manifestation of greater activity. There is also a minus - difficulties in identifying and the impossibility of large deposits. This is due to the fact that many projects are not spent on a serious website, and investing large amounts can lead to the project admin collapsing it and opening a simple site on another server, and you lose the deposit, not to mention receiving arrived.
  • Long-term investment. This method is suitable for investing in low-interest projects - up to 15% on a monthly basis or in those where there is a freeze on the contribution for six months or more. The advantage of such HYIP projects can be considered a low load on the cash desk of administrators due to low profits on the deposit, which increases the duration of the project. But, as usual, without drawbacks, it does not do in any of the methods - the slow profit making leads to a long return on investment. If you want to make a long-term investment, you need to properly evaluate the HYIP, it must be reliable, long-term and allow access to the amount invested so that in case of doubt you can withdraw funds. The disadvantage is the existence of a “herd effect” among investors - rumors on target resources generate a huge wave of withdrawals, which instantly leads to the devastation of the administrator’s cash register. Of course, after this the project is minimized. In my opinion, HYIPs with freezing deposits are unsafe, but such “piggy banks”, where you can remove everything at any time, can also bring disappointment. The best option is to choose a reliable project with the ability to withdraw funds once a month or two.
  • One of the right approaches to working with HYIPs is a contribution at the expense of profits. This is a combined method that combines the use of the hit and run method and any other. For a start, we quickly make a profit on a high-interest short-term project, and then use it for new and more interesting investments. You can also invest a second time in the same project on a new circle, if it turns out to be reliable in all respects and will look convincing enough. Using this strategy, it is possible to withdraw the deposit body and get an opportunity to successfully invest and get a good profit. It can be said that this is a good balance of risks and profitability.

The most important rules for working with HYIP projects

Adopt these rules I have verified and follow them:

  1. Do not delay the withdrawal of profits for tomorrow, if it can be done today. All charges - interest on the deposit, profit from affiliate programs and any other available to the conclusion should be received at the earliest opportunity. A few days, during which you are just too lazy to spend 10-15 minutes on a withdrawal operation, can cause a loss of funds when the HYIP suddenly closes. In addition, making profit brings pleasure and stimulates work further.
  2. It is not worth investing in high-yielding high-income projects borrowed funds - this is not a way to enrichment and not an opportunity to improve your difficult financial situation;
  3. Investing in any of the projects, consider this money lost, do not regret it, and when making a profit, treat this as a gift, unexpected, but enjoyable.
  4. Portfolio diversification is one of the best ways to make profits more affordable, divide investments between different types of deposits, even if they are just a few types of HYIPs - part of the “middling”, part of the low-interest and some amount of fast.
  5. Avoid the incredibly high promised profits - with a 1500% rate in two months, you simply lose money, look for real rates.
  6. Do not ignore the skype-chats of projects - this way you will receive information about payment delays and news about the work of the hyip sooner, and in order not to listen to sound notifications about the arrival of countless spam, just turn off the sound.
  7. Investment forums are an important channel for getting the information you need, sometimes on targeted resources news appears faster than in blogs of reputable authors, add forum threads with information on your projects to your favorites - so you will be aware of what is happening.
  8. Take care to find an experienced curator to help you do business. Most of those who call themselves the curator are just wanting to make money on an affiliate program, such a person will be of little use, but the project participant who is familiar with the rules of investing, who has an insider from the admins, will undoubtedly be an excellent curator.

Payments in HYIP projects - types and conditions

There are several types of payments:


This type of payment implies an instant withdrawal at the first request of the investor. If such a method of withdrawal is present in the rules for working with a project - this is definitely a big advantage for the investor, you do not need to wait hours or days for the “processing of the application by the financial department” - in fact, this usually means that admins are too busy with their personal affairs. These output systems are mainly operated by experienced administrators who are fully confident in the script of the site and are not afraid that the entire cash register will leave the wallet due to a shortage in the system. Such organizers most often create really working projects, making sure that they can earn money without turning off the project immediately after the very first receipts.

Manual withdrawal of funds

A fairly common method of payment, in the presence of which it is necessary to order funds as soon as possible after their accrual - this reduces the risk of loss of profits and deposit. Each project has its own term during which the application for withdrawal is processed. This operation can take from several minutes to several days. Low-interest HYIPs often process withdrawal requests for quite a long time, processing too fast is a sign of a quality project of any type. This type of withdrawal is used by administrators who do not want to risk the entire cashier due to an accidental flaw in the site’s script at an instant, but investors are not satisfied with the long wait for the funds. Over the past year, I have seen manual processing only in successful and long-term projects.

Automatic e-wallet payment system

This type of payout is rapidly gaining momentum lately. In the presence of such a system of transfer of funds, it is not necessary not only to wait for the processing of the application, but even to enter the Personal Account on the project website. At the very beginning of work when creating a deposit and investing, you just need to specify the details - the profit will come to the wallet according to the receipt on the personal account of the investor in the project. To date, such payment methods are common among projects with an average and high percentage of income.

Regardless of the method of receiving funds from the project, it is necessary to conduct continuous monitoring and analysis of incoming funds, it happens that the investor, investing in a large number of different projects, does not notice where the payments are regular and which HYIP begins to delay funds and ceases to generate income.

To streamline and systematize the information, you can keep a special table in which you specify all the payments, and based on the results make up a weekly report for yourself just like I do.

For this article, information is probably enough. In the near future I will try to publish a few more articles on the topic of HYIP projects and I think that they will be useful to my readers.

And finally, please pay attention to the fact that I can offer assistance in selecting the optimal investment portfolio for you, as well as add you to the group investment chat. All my partners have this opportunity. If you wish to become one of my partners, register with any company, a list of which you will find in the special menu on the right. Also, do not forget to provide a username or surname, first name, middle name after the registration procedure. You can also contact me using the contacts listed below in the article - I will help you with everything. Before registering with one of the companies, do not forget to clear the cache in your browser.

Write to me and I will answer any of your questions. I also welcome the expression of my opinion in the comments under the article - for me it is important.

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