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HomeWhere to invest money?Where to invest (invest) 100 thousand rubles?
Where to invest money?

Where to invest (invest) 100 thousand rubles?

Where to invest xnumx thousandsSo, there is a sum, there is a desire to increase it, it remains to understand exactly how to do it. Question "Where to invest 100 thousand rubles" should be decided on the basis of what cannot be done with this money. Most likely, the desire to acquire real estate on them will disappear by itself, since the amount, frankly, is insufficient for such a purpose. A normal interest income for a deposit in a bank can be obtained only with a figure approaching a million, that is, in the case when you are VIP customer.

It remains to decide where to invest 100000 rubles, only in the area of ​​acquiring shares of a company, and it is better to diversify the amount by several, so that in case of a “burnout” one have a backup option, or invest them in a specific financial fund. In the second case, choose a trust management by a highly profitable scheme or Where to invest 100 thousandconservative in the form of trading accounts should be based solely on their own ideas about acceptable risk. If you there is an amount of 50000 rubles, then we know what to do with it.

In any case, when deciding where to invest 100000 rubles, it is advised not to consolidate even such a small amount in a single place, as this may be fraught, and, of course, scrupulously check the chosen project for “trustworthiness”.

Consider all of the above options in more detail.

Deposit 100 000 rubles into trading accounts

Let's start with trading deposits, since this topic is as close as possible to our site, and we can give qualified recommendations on the choice of companies that will provide you with a good passive profit from 100000 rubles. In the appropriate section, you will find their rating, allowing you to quickly find suitable accounts.

With minor risks, you can earn 5 – 10% profit every month.

To receive income from such investments, it is enough to register and transfer funds using WebMoney or your plastic card. If you follow the registration procedure through our links, then at any time you can count on all possible assistance, and also get a ready-made optimal investment portfolio for free.

Deposit 100 000 rubles into a bank deposit

Where to invest 100 thousand

Bank deposit is not very suitable for increasing your hundred thousand rubles.

  • Firstly, banks do not overly indulge their customers with high interest rates.
  • Secondly, they have a large number of restrictions, because of which, for example, you will not be able to withdraw funds when you need it, because of the need to wait for the expiration date specified in the contract. Otherwise, you just do not get honestly earned interest on the deposit.

Embed 100 000 in mutual funds

A mutual fund is a good option. You buy shares, transfer your money to the management of professionals who make deals with stocks, bonds, other securities and provide you with income. The virtue of mutual funds can be called opportunity to leave the game at any time (although large profits provide just long-term investments). The disadvantage is the need to pay for money management services.

Where to invest 100 thousand

Invest 100 000 rubles in Internet sites

Investing in internet sites is a pretty good way. A hundred thousand will be enough for you to create, launch and promote one or two projects that will make it possible to earn only 15 thousand rubles a month on advertising. It - excellent passive incomehowever, in order to take advantage of its advantages, you will have to thoroughly study the intricacies of creating, promoting and maintaining websites.

Choice optionnedvizhand investing 100000 rubles in any case is yours. Carefully read our site, read the various forums and resources devoted to investing, and make the right decision. We can only say that with a responsible approach you can earn money on investments, increase your initial capital several times and get a stable passive income.

Where to invest 100 thousand rubles

The amount can be invested in two ways:

  • one-time without additional investments;
  • Monthly to place this amount in any projects.

In the case of a one-time investment of one hundred thousand, it is preferable to choose a passive investment method. Its main conditions are:

  • not to invest in fraudulent high-yield projects operating on the principle of the financial pyramid (HYIP projects);
  • avoid investing in the Forex market and not buying binary options;
  • do not invest in bitcoins.

By observing these conditions, the owner of 100000 will save and increase their savings. Consider legal and profitable investment methods.

Mutual investment fund

Where to invest 100000 rubles?A nice way to invest 100000. To avoid losses, it is important to study in detail the ratings of mutual funds published on economic Internet resources. Investing in mutual funds has one drawback - the owner has no idea about the “fate” of his money and does not control their movement. This disadvantage is covered by the fact that the invested share can be withdrawn at any time.

Investment portfolios

Where to put 100000?This is a complex of securities of a different type and nature, acquired by one investor. By investing 100000 in an investment portfolio, it is best to purchase government bonds, Eurobonds or securities of emerging, promising companies.

However, not everyone can earn on the investment portfolio. To do this, you need to deeply and extensively know the principles of the stock market, which is more likely under the power of a financial trader than a simple man in the street.

Public private partnership

Where to invest 100 thousand rubles? XnumxAn interesting solution for those who are looking for where to invest 100000 rubles. This is a concession agreement between the state and private enterprises in the field of health care, housing and public utilities and some other infrastructures.

According to the latest innovations, public-private projects can be carried out on the initiative of the investor himself without holding a competition. This means that the investor is entitled to receive the property complex for concession use. This could be a pharmacy, a household waste disposal facility, or another profitable item. To participate in the concession agreement 100 000 rubles will not be enough, but there is an opportunity to attract borrowed funds.

Investments in existing business

Where to invest 100000 rubles? XnumxThe meaning of the investment is that the owner of 100 000 rubles makes their money in the authorized capital of any company, becoming its co-founder. This is relevant for enterprises that need to increase the authorized capital, but do not have the opportunities for this. By planning to invest money in this way, the investor may become a victim of fraudulent dummy firms that “eat up” other people's money and immediately disappear.

To save and increase your 100 thousands, you need to carefully analyze the incoming proposals, delve into the company's activities, personally get acquainted with its participants and check the working documentation.

Buying a franchise

Where to put 100000? XnumxWith proper investment, franchising allows for a short time to return the money spent and get a stable profit. Buying a franchise of well-known brands will be an excellent source of income, but the amount in 100 000 rubles is not enough for this, and you have to raise credit funds.

Today, there are offers on the Internet for franchising small, developing enterprises, whose franchise can be bought for a hundred thousand. It is important to accurately determine the scope of future activities and choose the right franchise. With proper guidance, franchising will save and repeatedly increase the invested 100 thousands.

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