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Earn Money Online, Where to invest money?

Extra money in your free time from scratch + tips for beginners

Money has one unpleasant property - it is always in short supply. Especially in our time, when income from the main job for many people is frankly insufficient, so the issue of additional earnings in their free time becomes critically important. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for such earnings, including options for earning income without leaving your home.

And here we read about What is passive earnings on the Internet. Be aware of all the possibilities, including HYIP monitoring It will help to choose the right project for investment.

Extra earnings offline

  • The obvious and most popular solution to the problem of extra income is find a second job. However, precisely because of the evidence, we will not consider it. Moreover, a full-fledged second job creates a lot of problems: from the inability to rest to possible troubles with the bosses in the main job.
  • A less obvious path is “selling your skills.” For example, electronics repair services or the manufacture and sale of hand-made clothing, jewelry or souvenirs. This approach is partially overlapping with online earnings, since in order to get decent income it’s worthwhile to work hard to promote your services / products on social networks.

Extra income online

Modern technologies provide many opportunities to earn money without leaving your home. Strictly speaking, there are so many options for generating additional income that we can not even list them theoretically. So we confine ourselves to the most simple and not requiring specific skills and long training. In the end, if you can quickly and efficiently develop custom websites, then you most likely understand how to make money from it.

Maintaining your own blog \ Youtube channel

Almost all the bloggers that are popular today first worked on their channels and blogs as a hobby or, at best, extra work. So you don’t need to be afraid - to start a successful blog you need practically no costs - you just have to “guess” with the choice of a niche, be interesting to your audience and competently “unwind” your blog or Youtube channel.

Potentially blogging can bring a very impressive income. and even make you famous, however there is an important caveat. Even the coolest blog doesn’t “shoot” overnight - it takes quite a long time for it to start generating significant revenue. In the best case, at least six months of planned work will be needed. So if you need the money “yesterday”, this option is not suitable for you.

The work of the administrator in social networks

  • Most communities in social networks are moderated and administered either by the creators or enthusiasts who agree to work for free. However, enthusiasts can no longer cope with the administration of large commercial groups, so there are quite good chances to “grab” profitable remote work.
  • You will be required not only to “keep order” in the community, but also to engage in its promotion, publish news and interesting audience announcements, and so on. So the skills of SMM and writing texts will be very welcome. But, if your main job is in the office, then it is very likely that you will be able to earn extra money right at the workplace.


  • For a long time, the work of a copywriter has been considered the “default online earning method.” And this is understandable - there will always be a demand for new content, the procedure for receiving and submitting orders is extremely simple and understandable, and special skills are not required. Most of the texts on the Internet are not written by professional journalists or writers, but by “ordinary users”.
  • Moreover, you don’t need to look for customers yourself - there is a section for copywriters on each freelance website, in addition, specialized copywriting exchanges work on the network. Here are just the largest of them:

The only drawback of this method of extra income is low rates for novice copywriters. The reputation of the author at each site is very important. But in just a year of productive activity, it is quite possible to raise payments for the same amount of work by two to three times.

Paid comments

  • Do not rush to be indignant. Most of the paid comments on the World Wide Web have nothing to do with the legendary “troll factories,” propaganda, intelligence agencies, or the like. Everything is much more prosaic: companies order positive comments about themselves and negative comments about competitors, bloggers and news sites create the appearance of activity in their comments, online stores pay for product reviews, and so on.
  • Earnings on the comments should be sought on copywriting exchanges, such as those that we have already listed, or on specialized commentary exchanges, for example - QComment.
  • Comments, of course, require meaningful comments. In most cases, the required volume is 150-300 characters (two to three lines of text). Each such comment will bring you an average of 2 to 10 rubles. Although, with a high rating on the exchange (each platform leads it separately), the rate can significantly increase.
  • Also, for successful earnings, comments and reviews should acquire several accounts in each of the major social networks and create a package of mailboxes in order to quickly create accounts for resources of interest to customers.

Fulfillment of paid tasks

  • There are many services on the network that offer payment for certain actions: watching videos, downloading and installing games and applications on your phone, entering captcha, and the like.
  • The essence of all such tasks comes down to one thing - its implementation makes you linger for a certain time on the customer’s website. All this time the advertisement has been showing you, and the customer is sharing with you a piece of money received for showing it. It’s impossible to earn a lot this way, but no one needs special efforts.
  • Services that allow you to earn money by watching a video:
  • Forumok;
  • Piarim;
  • VKtarget.

Services for earning by entering captcha:

Particularly worth mentioning is earnings on teaser advertising. You only need to install the extension for the browser (for example, from the site and then go about their business on the Internet. Just from time to time you will see a pop-up window with ads.

Paid Surveys

Many public opinion research companies today have serious sampling problems — people just don’t want to waste their time polling. So services that offer people rewards for completing questionnaires are becoming more and more in demand.

Popular services for paid questions:

There is no need to talk about any stable and predictable earnings. A survey can take from 10 minutes to an hour, and the payment depends on the number of questions and, in some cases, on how detailed you answer.

Of course, this is not a complete list of ways to secure additional income on the Internet. However, all of the above methods are quite simple, do not require a lot of time, investment or special training.

TOP-6 tips for the most effective extra income

  1. Soberly assess your strengths - do not take on the work in which you have little understanding.
  2. Choose the method of earning that interests you. Well, or at least not openly disgusting.
  3. Do not agree to offers to buy “sorting goods” that you’ll allegedly buy from you, or “training materials” is a typical scam technique.
  4. Compare payment, time spent and effort. Some customers are trying to impose conditions under which it is more profitable to do nothing at all.
  5. If in your chosen field the payment depends on the rating on the platforms, focus on “pumping” your account on one of them. It will be more profitable than "spraying forces."
  6. If the “extra” earnings will overtake the “main” ones in terms of profitability, seriously think about changing the sphere of activity.

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