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Home → scam → ⭐️Geniex - reviews of the piggy bank from an experienced admin with an income of 4,5% per day for 33 days!

⭐️Geniex - reviews of the piggy bank from an experienced admin with an income of 4,5% per day for 33 days!

⚠️Project Geniex - Stopped Payments. Don't invest!

👍 Great job. The admin worked on the blog for 42 days, completed one full circle and received a profit of + 152,5% of net profit (taking into account the bonus from the blog). Those who, like us, went to reinvest were able to earn a little less + 97% net (taking into account the bonus from the blog). It was also possible to raise excellently on the GEX token, which showed dynamics and grew from $ 1 to $ 20. Well, those who used the deposit upgrade were also able to fix just an excellent profit! We express huge respect to the admin for the work and are waiting with new projects on our blog!

🛡For those who entered late and did not have time to earn money on the project, an insurance fund of $ 800 is provided. Applications are accepted strictly before 19: 00 (MSK) 16.12.2021.

It is important to attach a screenshot of the active deposit in the project from the "YOUR DEPOSITS" tab to the application. Applications without this screenshot will not be paid!

БQuite, please carefully submit applications for compensation, incorrect applications will not be paid!

📍Also our partners have the opportunity to compensate for the losses under the StopSkam program from the SuperKopilka project. How the program works and how to create an application, you can find out by clicking on the links below. The program operates simultaneously with any insurance and compensation that is valid on the blog. This means that you will have the opportunity to recover your losses twice.

Instructions for obtaining insurance

(I.e.Get Compensation for Stop Skam

Hello friends! This review will focus on a piggy bank from an experienced administration called Geniex (official site In this project, investors have the opportunity to withdraw a deposit with a commission of 15%

  • Project start: 28 October 2021 of the year
  • Getting started on a blog: November 3 2021 years
  • Geniex interest rate: 4,5% per day
  • Early withdrawal of the deposit: Yes, with a commission of 15%
  • Investment period: 33 of the day
  • Minimum investment amount: from 40 $
  • The project accepts payments throughPerfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DashCoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron
  • Conclusion in Geniex: profit - instantly, deposit - manually with a time limit of up to 48 hours
  • Blog contribution: 500$
  • Deposit Insurance: 800 $
  • Partner Bonus4% (we pay for a limited time!)

Legend has it that Geniex develops and delivers security software for trading bots.

Marketing in the Geniex project

The marketing of the project is represented by a single investment plan with an income of 4,5% per day for a period of 33 days, with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit at any time with a 15% commission.

  • Profit accrual: 4,5% per day
  • Investment work period: 33 days
  • Entry limits: from $ 40 to $ 10000
  • Withdrawal of the deposit: at any time with a commission of 15%
  • Net profit: 148,5% (with our bonus of 152,5%)

Marketing features:

  • At Geniex, the minimum investment is $ 40
  • Withdrawing a deposit at any time with a commission of 15%.
  • You can request for withdrawal: BTC - 0.00025, Litecoin - 0.015, Tron - 15, Tether - 5 USDT, PM - 2 USD, Ripple - 5, Dogecoin - 10, Dash - 0.02.
  • Withdrawal of profit occurs instantly, and the deposit is withdrawn manually with a schedule of up to 48 hours

Partnership program

Great opportunities for earning are provided by the Geniex affiliate program. The attraction reward will be paid in the amount of 4% -2% -1%. You will also receive 7% -4% -2% from the income of your partners.

You have the opportunity to earn in Geniex more if you register as our partner! In this case, a deposit bonus will be paid in the amount of 4%... You can apply for a bonus at this page.

Important! Bestinvestor_ru must be your inviter in the project, otherwise we will not be able to pay you refback!

How do I register with the Geniex website and make a deposit?

1. You can register in the project right now, for this go to To main and use the button "Sign up«

2. You will be presented with a registration form, in its lines indicate your login, mail address and password. We check who your invitee is, accept the agreement, and then click the button «Register»

3. You can create an investment through the section of your personal account called “Make Deposit". On the page that opens, specify the payment and the amount, then confirm the application by clicking "Create Deposit"And pay by the selected method

4. The application for withdrawal is made through the section "Withdraw", In it you need to specify the payment, the amount and press the button"Create request«

Geniex: reviews and my opinion

Geniex is an excellent piggy bank from an experienced administration, which we advise all partners to consider an investment. At the moment, the project is at the very beginning of its development path. Investors are offered highly profitable marketing 4,5% per day for 33 days, and the depositor can withdraw the body of the deposit at any time, with a commission of 15%. We advise our partners to take a closer look at this asset and not delay the deposit, as the conditions are very favorable.

We invested $ 500 in the Geniex project and we hope that the admin will please us and our team with a worthy profit. USD and crypto are accepted for investments. All the most popular payment systems are connected. Profit payments are processed instantly in the instant mode, and the deposit is withdrawn in manual mode with a time limit of up to 48 hours. There is an excellent offer for our investors maximum refback 4% and unlimited insurance $ 800.

Geniex Official Site

Order bonus 4%

For successful earning on highly profitable projects I advise you to carefully study this instruction.

Risk reminder

Any investments carry risks and the investor should always take this into account, and as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the yield and the greater the percentage that the project offers, the higher the probability of losing money. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because profitability offers serious, so I recommend to follow certain rules:

  • Remember to diversify and do not invest all the money in one investment tool. It is wiser to distribute the available funds among several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • By investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a large role for you.
  • Withdraw the profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions that the project offers! Take the decision on reinvestment without emotion, after weighing all the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to receive less profit than to lose a deposit.

I advise you to read the article on this topic: What is risk diversification or how to protect your money from scams?

Our deposit:

Platform news and updates


  • Geniex - Month on the Blog! During this time, the project token has grown by + 1057% of the original token value! Top speaker! Also, our contribution of $ 500 has been working in the project for 30 days and since the marketing of the project implies the possibility of withdrawing the deposit at any time, today we can fix 124% of the net profit (taking into account the bonus from the blog and the commission for early withdrawal). The project fully meets expectations! For exemplary work, it is with great pleasure that we award the project an honorary ⭐️ from our blog.


  • We are pleased to announce the successful addition of Binance Coin for deposits and withdrawals. All payments are made instantly, the minimum deposit is 0,1 BNB, the minimum withdrawal is 0,0025 BNB. In the meantime, in the project, our deposit has been working for 16 days and since the tariff plan assumes the possibility of withdrawing the deposit at any time, today we can fix + 61% of the net profit (taking into account the bonus from the blog and the commission for early withdrawal).


  • The administration of the Geniex project is pleased to announce that the GEX token has been successfully launched and a system for increasing the deposit has been added! By purchasing and storing tokens, you can increase the deposit interest rate up to + 2% of daily income using Geniex tokens (from 4,5% per day to 6,5%). You can buy tokens through Pancakeswap (limited offer) or through the site, you can also withdraw GEX tokens from the site to your token address at any time. To increase profitability in the personal account of the project, go to the section YUOR DEPOSITS And click the UPGRADE, then buy the required number of GEX tekens and get up to 6,5% per day. It is also possible to make money on the growth of the value of the token itself.

Here you can view the dynamics of deposits. InvestorsStartPage.

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