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How to make a million rubles in Russia: top 10 options + 5 steps to achieve 1 million rubles + real examples

We earn 1 million rubles

It may seem to many that earning your first million is very difficult, if not impossible. In fact, this is far from the case. Everyone can earn such a sum and for this now there is no need to take all the courses at the institute. In practice, it is enough to form the right monetary thinking and work hard in the right direction. The Internet provides a wealth of information and opportunities for self-study.

The key point that you should not forget is that the Internet is full of scammers, so you do not need to look for easy ways to earn money. Success requires systematic work and self-development. It is more important to form the right habits, the result of which will be a high income.


If you read the article to the end, you will know for sure:

  • Is it possible to earn a million rubles;
  • how quickly and in what ways it can be done;
  • as well as what skills are necessary for financial development;
  • give examples of successful people who were able to create their own business empire from scratch.

Proven options: 10 real ways to get the first million rubles per month.

In this section, we list the main ways in which many have managed to generate a steady income.

Real estate

One of the easiest and most popular ways. It is considered simple in the sense that it allows passive income. But you need to learn how to properly evaluate real estate: how high is demand for it in a particular area, are there any more profitable options in the immediate area, etc. The online courses available on the Internet are enough for this. There are several ways to earn real estate income:

  • Rent by the day or on a monthly basis.
  • Profit from the resale of real estate purchased at the construction stage or purchased from another owner.
  • Sublease. Not the most “clean” way, but it is often practiced and allows you to earn income with small investments.

Buying a property requires a lot of investment. You can apply for a mortgage, but in this case, you need to understand what risks you are taking and prepare a financial “airbag”. The situation is similar with the purchase of commercial real estate, only investments are required higher.

It is important: it is necessary to correctly assess the demand for real estate, acquiring it from the owner. You can buy an expensive apartment or cottage, but it turns out that it is located in an unclaimed area and it will be difficult to make money on it.

You can earn money on real estate without investments, for example, acting as an agent and selling other people's apartments / houses to clients.

Online investments

Online investment allow you to start with small amounts. For example, you can buy several shares on 100 $ or invest them in someone else's business.

What you can invest online:

  • Stocks, stock indices
  • Raw materials: oil and gas
  • Precious metals: platinum, gold and silver
  • Currencies and kriptovalyuty
  • PAMM
  • Online or offline business (crowdfunding)

It is important: The phenomenon of pseudo-investment is common on the Internet. There are a large number of online financial pyramids. Be careful with companies that guarantee high returns.

Investments require less investment, but require special experience and knowledge in the field of money and risk management, which will allow you to make a profit.

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To invest in stocks, you need to learn the basics of fundamental analysis.

Investing is of three types:

  • Short term. From 1 day to week.
  • Medium term. From a week to a month.
  • Long term. From several months to several years.

Investing in stocks carries high risks, but the profit will be appropriate in case of success. For example, if you purchased for $ 800 Apple shares at the start, now your share would be about $ 1 billion

Own business

Everyone can start from scratch their own business with little investment. It could be a business with China, selling goods through Avito or creating your own online store. On the Internet, you can easily find the necessary training courses on starting your own business.

What kind of business can I open:

  • Cafes, barbershops or shops of goods on their own or someone else's franchise.
  • Online store selling any goods.
  • Profitable website. Profit can bring your own blog or information site. You can also specialize in specific types of goods and services, working on an affiliate program with various companies.
  • Mining The acquisition of mining farms or asics can serve as a passive source of income, and this type does not require a large amount of specialized knowledge, but profitability depends heavily on the rate of cryptocurrencies.


The freelance services market is actively developing, which allows you to work remotely on an ongoing basis or on a single project. Successful freelancers can earn up to 200 000 rubles per month or more. It will not be difficult to find the first customers, but at first you need to earn a good reputation, which will subsequently work for you.

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Where to look for customers:

  • On resources with jobs such as Headhunter or
  • On freelance exchanges:, UpWork, Kwork, Work-Zilla.
  • Social: Facebook, Vk, Telegram, Instagram.
  • Contact the site owners directly and offer their services.
  • On thematic forums or forums on earnings.
  • By announcements, including on Avito, Yula or
  • Offer services to your friends.

Youtube channel

Another of the proven earning options is to launch your own youtube channel. For a successful start, you need to determine the theme of the channel, carefully think through the content and shoot high-quality videos that will not be much inferior to the top channels. Instructions for launching your channel, by the way, can be found on the same Youtube.


One of the most popular areas of online business. You can start your own information business without investments. This method allows you to monetize your knowledge. If you are well versed in any field, you can create and promote copyright courses or train people in webinars.

Become an author or get a patent

You can write your book, musical composition, create a video game or develop a unique technology that will pay dividends your whole life.

Become an intermediary

If you have experience in sales or want to learn, then try yourself in the field of mediation. Find clients for freelancers or companies and receive income from each sale of goods or services. You can find one client who will generate income for a very long time. This practice is popular in network marketing.

Sell ​​unwanted items

People often store extra things that they use very rarely. Or these things require additional costs. It is unlikely that it will be possible to raise a million this way, but you can get the amount that you then invest in your own business or any assets.

We earn a million from scratch: 5 steps that will increase revenue

Before starting the path to the first million, it is necessary to identify a specific goal. This is how our brain works. When we see our goal for which we are ready to work, then dopamine is released - the neurotransmitter responsible for our motivation. There will be no goal - there will be no motivation. We describe the main points that will help to more effectively achieve the goal.

Where to begin

First of all, it is necessary to draw up an action plan that will lead to the achievement of the goal. How to achieve a result if you do not know how to act? Every business should have an accurate and structured algorithm of actions. Define type of activity, set deadlines.

It is important: set the deadlines. If you ignore them, then there will be procrastination and the opportunity to earn the first million will be postponed indefinitely. It’s okay if you don’t meet the deadline - there’s nobody to punish you for that. But the deadlines will help to develop the necessary discipline and set the pace, which subsequently will play a key role in the development of your own business.

Change your lifestyle

Success requires changing your lifestyle and thinking. Please note that famous people lead an active lifestyle and work while others are sleeping. Learn to go to bed and wake up at the same time, for example, on 22: 00 and 6: 00.

Health plays an important role. This includes healthy sleep, food, and exercise. There is no need to tear in the gym, but moderate physical activity will increase the general tone and increase brain activity, which will give an advantage, since a large amount of energy is required for productive activity. The abuse of junk food leads to fatigue. Nobody urges to refuse burgers with pizza, but you should increase cereals, sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, and it is better to reduce the amount of sugar and fatty foods.

Watch a motivational movie or read a book

Motivational films charge the necessary energy to continue working, especially if you are ready to give up. Failures will often accompany not only the first time, but also in the following stages. Watch or read the stories of people who were able to overcome difficult moments, at the same time you will receive valuable information.

Invest in yourself

Take care of self-development. This will help to find non-standard solutions even in simple tasks, which will bring your business to a new level. Experiment more, not just use ready-made solutions. An expanded horizons allows you to look further and see more where others will not see.

Chat with like-minded people

In business, there is such a thing as coworking. Communicating with other like-minded people, you exchange experience that may be useful in achieving goals. Form the right circle of acquaintances who should motivate and help move forward. Try to limit communication with those who interfere and try to dissuade, because he believes that you will not succeed.

Is it realistic to get 1 million rubles fast?

It is quite real. Good luck can smile at a person, and he will quickly get rich here and now. But this will not help him in the future, if you do not know how to properly manage the funds, save them and increase them. It will be much more efficient to learn how to earn income through your knowledge and skills, which in the long run will bring more fruitful results.


Suddenly, a person can become a happy owner of a large inheritance. If you are lucky, then do not miss this opportunity. You can spend money, but it’s better to invest in some. If you got an apartment, then make repairs if necessary and start renting out to get passive income.


There are other types of easy income that are associated with high risks:

  • Lottery or casino win
  • Winning Sports Betting
  • The rapid growth of acquired high-risk assets, for example, shares of young companies, cryptocurrencies or ICO tokens
  • For girls this way can be a successful marriage

Real life examples of millionaires

There are many bright people who were able to create a business from scratch and do not stop there. Each area has its own leaders, such as Ilon Mask in the IT industry or Tony robbins, who is the most successful media businessman in the world, and the cost of his personal coaching is 1 million dollars. Here are examples of the most famous people who built a business empire without the initial popularity and money.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates founded Microsoft, developed by which Windows is still the most popular operating system on the market. He saw an opportunity and created a product that would facilitate the interaction of people with computers. Thanks to Bill Gates, ordinary people were able to use computers, not just qualified programmers.


Steve Jobs

Together with Steve Wozniak, Jobs created Apple, and their first office was a garage. They sought to create a complete product, the analogue of which still does not exist on the market. Apple does not separately provide operating systems, hardware, software, and enclosures - they are provided together in one product.

Mark Zuckerberg

Although Mark Zuckerberg was not the first to create a social network, he was able to popularize it by adding innovative features that the existing social networks did not have, and in 23 of the year he became the youngest billionaire in the world. Now Facebook is one of the five most visited sites on the planet.

How fast can you accumulate the first million


The first million is easy to accumulate, but for this you need to follow certain rules. It is quite simple: turn a liability into an asset. Liabilities - this is what takes your money. Adjust expenses, and use free money to form an asset - that which brings money.


It is enough to save a small amount every month, cutting off unnecessary expenses. Replace the cafe’s hiking with cooking, and taxi rides with public transport. In addition, given the congestion of roads in large cities from taxi rides, you won’t win much in time. Accumulation is a long and inconvenient method, but it can be accelerated by a bank deposit.


By investing in anything, you can accumulate a million much faster. But the higher the potential profit of the enterprise, the higher the risks. If you want to speed up the process, then be prepared to take risks. You can earn extra money on the freelance market or sell products, and invest free money.


It’s quite possible to earn the first million rubles in Russia. Avoid simple ways to make quick money and strive to create a stable source of income by developing the necessary skills and ways of thinking that lead to success. Blog wishes you good luck!

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