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Payeer - wallet, access to the account, registration in the system

How to register a wallet Payeer and replenish his balance. Watch the video instruction.

Payeer Wallet - review and reviews

Payeer - one of the most actively growing payment systems on the market. So far, it can not be with the "giants of the market" like PayPal or Qiwi, but the number of its users is growing rapidly every day.

The system was registered in 2012 year in Georgia, but since then its offices have opened in many countries, including Russia.

The reasons for the rapid growth are quite understandable - the payment system quickly adapts to new trends, and also provides its users with a huge selection of top-up funds, allows you to transfer money almost anywhere, and actively helps to develop business on the Internet.

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Bestinvestor Payeer wallet

At the same time, the Payeer system has its own, and quite serious problems, so its reputation is rather contradictory. Clearly worth a look at this system in more detail.

Important: Friends, we do not recommend using a wallet Payeer for cryptocurrency due to very high commissions. For cryptocurrency recommend wallet Blockchain

General information

In general, Payeer functionality is typical for modern payment systems.: the ability to replenish the wallet, pay for goods and services with it, transfer to other users, your plastic cards and so on. But the system has its own "trumps":

  1. The first, and perhaps the main one - Payeer is great for remittances between different systems and countries. Wallet running in more than 200 countries, supports the transfer of funds to almost all popular payment systems in the world, allows the transfer of money to bank and card accounts or using the SWIFT system. In this case, the recipient does not need to register in the system.
  2. Secondly, Payeer offers quite “tasty” functionality for business. The system has one of the best merchant terminals on the market, allowing you to accept payments from around the world in dozens of ways. It also supports the possibility of massive transfers from the account, which is convenient, for example, to pay salaries to employees. And the affiliate program expands business opportunities even more.
  3. Thirdly, the system is anonymous. The identification procedure, if you do not use the business opportunity Payeer, is not required. Although an anonymous account faces certain limitations: SWIFT transfers are not supported, you cannot replenish your Visa card account and limit the amount of Payeer Mastercard card transactions.
  4. Fourth, Payeer is more willing than most other systems to work with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and many other coins can be stored on the wallet. In addition, its own cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2018. So now Payeer is not only one of the most convenient ways to buy cryptocurrency, but also a platform for trading.

It's important: Not without, of course, a fly in the ointment. The commissions for replenishing the wallet are higher than the market average, and the transaction speed also often leaves much to be desired. In addition, With 2018, Payeer Mastercard has become unavailable for non-EU residents. And most importantly - the administration of the payment system has access to your password and other account data.

Register your wallet

Registering with Payeer is extremely simple. Poweer Registration

  • On the main page you are welcomed by a big “Create Wallet” button.
  • On the next screen you need to enter your e-mail and captcha
  • After that, you will receive a code in the mail, which you will need to enter on the next screen. Somewhat old-fashioned (they now send the confirmation link more often), but very simple.
  • Next, you will be given a randomly generated account name, password, and secret word to restore. You can change any of these parameters at your discretion, which we recommend to do.
  • After pressing the button, the registration procedure will be completed.

In the future, you can go through the identification procedure to use all the capabilities of the system without restrictions. To do this, in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen, select the item “Personalization”.

In the form that appears, you will need to specify your first and last name, as well as upload scans or photographs of documents confirming your identity and address. Read more about our new hyip projects that pay and come back here.

How to add funds to Payeer

Simple registration is good, but this picture of the account balance is somewhat depressing. So let's understand the replenishment.

account replenishment in power

There are really a lot of options:

When choosing cash, the system will simply remind you of the possibility of replenishment through the terminal. And when choosing any other payment system, you will only need to enter the required amount, select the currency and click “Deposit”.

In the form that appears, you will need to specify the account in the selected network from which you want to transfer funds. In the example below, the Qiwi wallet number, but WebMoney, Yandex.Money and almost all other systems work just as well.

After that, the payment system will generate an invoice that you can pay on the website or in the application of the selected system. In this case, Qiwi, but there are no particular differences from Webmoney or any other system.

Transferring funds directly from other systems, bypassing account generation, is extremely inconvenient. Although Payeer supports transfers to many types of accounts, most systems do not allow direct transfers to Payeer.

But you can take the opportunity to withdraw funds to a bank card and specify the card number Payeer.

How to withdraw money from Payeer

A variety of options where you can withdraw funds, only slightly inferior to the number of options for replenishment:

At the same time, the functions of transferring money to another Payeer wallet and withdrawing funds are in the same place - on the “Transfer” tab.

The form changes depending on the chosen method for withdrawing money. On the right, all the necessary information for the chosen withdrawal method is indicated - limits, commission and so on. You are required to specify the necessary details, enter the amount and click the "Transfer" button.

User Reviews

Reviews about Payeer online are extremely controversial.

  • Yes, of course, among them a lot paid for (both positive and negative). In addition, many people write off their mistakes on the payment system. But some useful conclusions can be made.
  • Users praise the ability to transfer money to almost any account on the planet. Roughly speaking, there was an opinion “You don’t know how to translate - use Payeer”, which you can definitely write to the system as an asset.
  • In addition, Payeer is appreciated by many crypto enthusiasts, considering it to be easier to use and a more reliable alternative to exchangers when buying cryptocurrencies. In addition, many cryptocurrency exchanges cooperate with Payeer.
  • Negative reviews boil down to four topics: commissions, transaction speeds, problems with business accounts and security.
  • With commissions that are really above average, everything is simple - they are told in advance about you, and you either agree to the conditions or not. In the end, convenience and versatility cost money.
  • Complaints about the periodic delays of transfers look quite plausible, but not something out of the ordinary. All payment systems are subject to them, and if transfer takes place between different countries and systems, hitch is unavoidable.
  • Business account users complained that after linking the account to the site, the account was frozen by Payeer without explanation. How this is true - is unknown.
  • The most disturbing reviews concern security. There are a lot of complaints on the Internet both about lost funds and wallets. And the most unpleasant - these reviews clearly have a real basis. Passwords are transmitted unencrypted and the administration has access to them. So it is necessary to observe reasonable care. For example, use Payeer directly for transfers, but not to keep significant amounts on wallets.

Be careful and save your money.

Payeer official website

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