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Terms of use

This User Agreement (the Agreement hereinafter) specifies the relationship of the Site Administration (Further Site) and Site User.

Mass media is not.

Use of the site implies acceptance of the terms of the Agreement. The User, accepting the Agreement, confirms that he has turned 18 years.

Denial of responsibility

All information posted on the Site is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances can serve as a call to action or financial recommendation.

The administration is not responsible for the consequences of the use of information by the User posted on the Site, including lost profits or other possible losses.

The administration is not responsible for the information published by the projects, information about which is posted on the Site, as well as for any consequences of the use of this information by the user. Responsibility for this information is borne by the creators of these projects.

The administration of the Resource does not bear any responsibility for the information received by the user as a result of sending a message using an electronic mailbox, social networks and instant messengers.

Risk Disclosure

Using the Site, the User agrees that investment operations in other investment markets (including the Forex market), directions, exchanges, trading floors, investments in start-ups, cryptocurrencies, trust funds and any other existing or potential future investment operations are associated with the risk of loss invested funds.

The administration is taking all necessary and possible measures to ensure maximum accuracy of the information on the Site. However, any published information may become irrelevant due to economic, market, stock market events or other reasons. The administration cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information and recalls that it is published solely for informational purposes. The administration is not responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of this information.

Using the Site, the User agrees not to consider the information published on the site as information that guarantees a certain positive result from conducting transactions or investing his own money.

Rights and obligations of the parties

User has the right to:

  • Search and receive information on the Site;
  • Comment information on the Site, including using photos and videos;
  • Use the information on the Site for personal non-commercial purposes;
  • Quote site materials on other resources subject to the mandatory availability of working and indexed by search engines links to the page, containing the quoted information.

The administration has the right to:

  • At its discretion and the need to create, modify or cancel the rules of the Site;
  • Restrict access to any information on the site;
  • Create, modify or delete information.

User undertakes to:

  • Do not post information copied from other sources on the site;
  • Do not copy information from the site to other resources;
  • Do not violate the performance of the site;
  • Do not use software for automated information gathering and / or interaction with the Site;
  • Do not leave messages and comments that violate applicable laws and generally accepted moral and ethical standards. Such comments are deleted.

Administration undertakes to:

  • Maintain the functionality of the Site, except in cases where it is impossible for reasons beyond the Administration;
  • Undertakes to consider the personal data provided by the User as confidential information and not to disclose it to third parties.

Internal and external links, banners and background images, messages and information on the Site

The site contains information about investment projects, cryptocurrency and other assets, messages, links to internal pages and external resources related to the content and nature of filling the Site with information. The purpose of publicly posting this information on the Website is to provide the User with information about investment projects, publish news and review general information about the investment industry as a whole.

These links, including those located on banners and background images, are not direct or indirect recommendations, calls to action, direct or hidden advertising, or advertising of third parties and are used and provided solely as information and reference materials.

The Resource Administration does not guarantee and cannot be responsible for the accuracy of such information, and is not responsible and is not bound by any obligations about the content of the content received by the User through these links.

The user agrees that all actions that he may be asked to perform when clicking on such links, he performs voluntarily. Administration is not responsible for the content provided on these links and for any risks that may be exposed to the User data.

Terms of the Agreement

This Agreement is effective for any use of the site.

The agreement is no longer valid when a new version of it appears.

The administration reserves the right to unilaterally change this agreement at its discretion without notifying users.