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Myetherwallet: review and reviews

Ethereum cryptocurrency is actively gaining popularity, many investors saw in it a perspective and a good opportunity to get a profit both on a short and on a long distance. At the same time, such a valuable coin needs to be stored somewhere and it is sometimes difficult to choose a decent one among the numerous purses for the air. In this review I will talk about one of the most popular wallets for storing the ethereum.

How to register a Myetherwallet wallet and top up its balance. Watch the video instruction. is a handy wallet

The developers of the Myetherwallet wallet claim that it is not an online repository of esters, but only a service that helps to get through the browser access to the coins stored in your computer’s memory. At the same time, the user does not risk with his own funds, since they are not transferred for storage to a third-party resource, and all access keys are stored only with him. Definitely, the service has its advantages, so many users prefer it to other wallets.

By performing all actions on the client side, Myetherwallet allows you to:

  • Create a new account by generating a new key;
  • Add existing keys to the client;
  • View account status.

The peculiarity of such a wallet is that the user has full control over his account, as well as is responsible for storing keys - if you do not save them well, then just lose your money. Therefore, it is important to take full responsibility for the process of registration and subsequent use of the wallet.

Myetherwallet: how to create a wallet?

If you do not have a purse for the air, then this situation can be easily corrected. Go to Myetherwallet wallet official website. I advise you to immediately change the interface language - if the default is English, then in the header of the page, click on the language bar (1) and select Russian (2).

Myetherwallet Wallet: 3 Reviews and Review

When everything on the site becomes extremely clear, you can proceed to the generation of the wallet. In the center of the page you will see the inscription "Create a wallet", and just below the field to enter a password. You need to come up with a complex password (it must contain at least 9 characters), be sure to write it down or copy it and click the "Create Wallet" button. To create a strong password that will fully protect your funds, it is better to use a generator.

Myetherwallet Wallet

After this step, the system will offer you to download a special file, without which the wallet can not be used - Keystore. Click the “Download Keystore File” button and, in just a second, the file will appear in the download section.

Myetherwallet Wallet: 2 Reviews and Review

The file must be saved on your computer, because you will need a Keystore and a password to log in (you can also log in with the private key). Be sure to save all the data, otherwise, you just lose access to the client, and therefore to their broadcasting. After downloading the file, click the red button “I understand. Continue. "

Myetherwallet Wallet: 2 Review

Further, our attention is the private key, which must be stored in a safe place, and it is better to overwrite on removable media. Copy the code and click the button "Save your address." Here you can print the secret key by pressing the corresponding blue button.

Myetherwallet Wallet: reviews and reviews

On the next page you will be offered several ways to enter the wallet. I advise you to use for this the private key, which we previously copied and saved. Select the “Private Key” in the entry column, insert this key into the corresponding field (1), and then click the “Unlock” button (2).

Myetherwallet Wallet: Review

After that, you will find yourself directly in the wallet, where you should copy and save the address (number) of the account. You will need it to make money transfer operations to your wallet - for example, you can specify it in an investment project, when transferring from an exchange, and you can also provide an address to other users so that funds can be transferred to your wallet.

Myetherwallet Wallet: 2 reviews

Myetherwallet: how to top up?

After you have entered your wallet, it will naturally be empty until you replenish it. For this, an old and time-tested method will come to the rescue - monitoring exchangers BestChange. Go to the site of the service and select the necessary exchange direction in the left column: in the first column indicate with which payment order you are going to exchange funds, in the right column - select Ethereum.

Myetherwallet Wallet: reviews

Give preference to the exchanger that offers the most favorable rate - the list of monitoring services includes only verified sites that have positive reviews and reputation. But do not choose an exchanger at random. View the reserve amount of a particular service and exchange rate. Also pay attention to the mode in which the transfer is carried out - if you don’t want to wait for the receipt of esters for too long, then you should choose services with automatic execution of operations.

Regardless of which exchanger you choose, then all actions will be performed as standard: go to the service website, specify the amount, enter the necessary data for the transaction and, of course, the address of the wallet that was issued during its registration.

Myetherwallet 3 Wallet

After confirming the operation in the payment system, from which the funds will be withdrawn, you will receive coins to your wallet approximately after 30 minutes has elapsed. In case you choose an exchanger that works in manual mode, the exchange will occur according to the regulations.

Myetherwallet wallet: how to withdraw?

Withdraw funds from the wallet will be the same way. Go to the website monitoring exchangers BestChange and indicate the opposite direction of exchange. In the first column, select Ethereum, and in the opposite - the payment system to which you want to receive the transfer. Further, in the same way as entering into the wallet, we make an exchange in the selected direction on one of the exchangers. After a half-hour interval, we receive funds to our eterium address.

Myetherwallet 2 Wallet

Myetherwallet: reviews

Users note that Myetherwallet is easy to use and safe, because you don’t transfer your coins to a third-party service - it only helps to get access to the ethereum that you have stored on your hard drive. Considerably easier to work with the service is the presence of a large number of language versions, among which there is a Russian-language one.

I think that the proposed instruction for working with the wallet dotted all the “i”, and also showed that using the service is really elementary. Therefore, if you still do not have a wallet for storing ether, then Myetherwallet is a great option that combines all the functions and requirements necessary for the user.

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